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bellicon USA 06.03.2015

“I resolve to lose weight and look great.”

Let’s see a show of hands who has heard this recently or maybe even said it themselves. It’s OK, you’re among friends, since “Weight Loss” and “Look and Feel Better” seem to top pretty much everyone's list of favorite New Year’s resolutions.

With all the so-good but so-bad food, stresses and crummy weather we’ve all dealt with over the holidays, the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to explore new options or return to a shelved goal of a slimmer, healthier you in 2015.

Let’s Be Realistic

Unfortunately, most people don’t get too far past this noble declaration. Sometimes they jump too quickly into an intense exercise program and hurt themselves, or they get discouraged when they realize that the results they want may not be coming as easy or quick as they like.

This year might be the opportunity to try a low-impact tool that can create high-quality results for spring, summer and beyond: the bellicon. The device looks simple – a mini fitness trampoline. But instead of traditional metal springs that are found in other trampolines, the bellicon uses elastic bungee cords to deliver a more even bounce plus a firmness level that can be easily adjusted.

Try the bellicon

The rebounder is constructed of high-quality materials including a stainless steel frame, and uses quality German engineering to create a sturdy, durable and efficient yet easy-to-use product for any fitness level.

Regular use of the bellicon can deliver an excellent low-impact workout that produces results no matter your age, weight or strength. A workout can get your cardio pumping but also be easy on your joints. While it can be sometimes a challenge to motivate yourself to go out and exercise on cold winter and spring days, the bellicon can be used indoors, or on particularly nice days, you can easily move it outdoors.

The amount of the bounce can also be varied based on your weight and fitness goals. If you’re seeking a more intense workout and your body is up to it, you can increase the bungee strength. Support bars are even available for those who need additional balance assistance.

Benefits Beyond Bouncing Fun

For those seeking a new fitness plan – or getting back to one that was put on hold due to holiday and winter craziness, this is an ideal option. Health benefits that are credited to the bellicon include everything from weight loss to reduced stress.

With your bellicon, you can jog in place, jump or follow other recommended routines that use gravity to benefit your workout. Even a few minutes a day can help your alertness, piece of mind and energy level. A quick session can loosen your overused muscles, increase blood flow to your body, create endorphins and begin to remove tension.

Whether your goal is to fit into your swimsuit, drop a few clothing sizes, or improve your endurance and flexibility, you can use bellicon as a way to set these goals – and create resolutions you might actually keep!

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