Stay Motivated to Exercise This Winter

bellicon USA 17.12.2014

Winter appears to be gearing up to dump record-breaking levels of snowfall on the country, and you never know when the Polar Vortex may descend south once more to drive temperatures to phenomenally low temperatures. Although winter has not yet arrived, you still need to get in plenty of aerobic exercise and physical activity. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, especially considering the high-caloric, sweet, or even salty foods on the table this holiday season. Here are a few tips that will help keep you motivated to exercise this winter.

Exercise in Small Bursts

You may have been planning on going to the gym for a minimum of 3-hours each week, yet the chaos of the holidays will take up most of your time. How are you ever going to get a chance to exercise? Create a short routine to follow (about 10- to 20-minutes) that you can complete in small bursts on your own. This could include doing a few sets of jumping jacks, push ups, or even using our high-quality rebounder. The key to using small bursts lies in completing each burst two or three times each day. Over the course of a week, this will add up to slightly more than 7-hours of exercise per week.

Stay Warm Inside

One of the biggest reasons people stay away from exercise during the winter remains the bitter cold. However, you can pick up a simple routine that you can complete in your home, hotel, or a family member's home while you're traveling. Our rebounder requires less space than most suitcases and offers plenty of high-energy, fun exercise opportunities. In addition, our rebounder benefits both your cardiovascular system and strengthens your muscles.

Get a Head Start on Your New Year's Resolution

Are you planning on getting back into shape next year? If you begin working on your fitness now, you will be much more advanced when you actually make your resolution. 1-pound of fat equals approximately 3,178 calories, which takes 2-hours of intense physical activity to burn. Keep this information in mind when you get ready to sit down for a holiday dinner.

Reward Yourself

Winter is the season of giving, and would you like to pick out a few of your own gifts? Once you plan out your personal workout regimen, create small rewards to give yourself. However, avoid the temptation to reward yourself with a high-calorie, super unhealthy pie. You could make your reward a skiing trip or perhaps a trip to the local mall to pick out a new outfit.

The holiday season does not have to be responsible for adding on the pounds. The bellicon rebounder gives you maximum control over your personal exercise regimen without the need to venture out in the cold. Not only can you get a head start on your upcoming resolutions, but you can complete a simple exercise routine in as little as 30-minutes per day. Our rebounder will travel with you and always be ready for a fun-filled workout. It even makes an excellent tool for practicing your holiday dance moves in style. Follow these four tips, and take advantage of the opportunity to exercise with the bellicon rebounder.

Just because it’s cold outside, don’t let that ruin your routine and the great progress you’ve made! Whether at home or at work, the bellicon is easy to use and built to the highest standards; it’s fun and durable! Take a look at our workout videos and make sure you pick up your own bellicon today, starting at $499!

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