Study Finds Autistic Children More Sedentary

bellicon USA 28.05.2015

A recent Oregon State University study showed that autistic children tend to be significantly less active than their non-autistic peers. The study, which was published last fall in “Autism Research and Treatment,” showed that autistic children participated in 50 minutes less of moderate physical activity than typically-developed children, and spent 70 minutes more each day sitting.

Fortunately, the study also showed that autistic children were just as physically capable as their peers. “Our results are encouraging as they indicate that children and youth with an ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) show capacity to meet daily guidelines for physical fitness and activity.” You can read the full study HERE

If you are a parent or an occupational therapist looking for a ways to get a child with an ASD to be more active, consider rebounding on a bellicon. Bouncing is a health-boosting activity that children really enjoy, with or without developmental issues, but it also provides exceptional vestibular and proprioceptive feedback, making it particularly beneficial for children with an ASD.

Carrie Einck, a pediatric OT in Chicago, shares her experiences with the bellicon in this YouTube VIDEO

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