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AK 30.08.2013

I absolutely love my new bellicon.

I had read about the benefits of rebounding and ordered a cheaper rebounder at first. While I thought it provided a really good workout, I got extreme tightness and inflammation in my neck and shoulders. The springs were also very loud and the rebounder had a toxic kind of odor that gave me a headache. I sent it back and was not sure if I should spend the money on the bellicon.

Would it be different enough to justify the price? Short answer: yes. I'm so glad I made the investment. I have had none of the neck and upper back/shoulder issues that I had with the other rebounder. The bounce is much softer and easier on your body. Plus, you can bounce higher and do more (I like the bigger surface). The workout DVD that came with it is good and I use it, but I also hop on the rebounder here and there throughout the day. I work from home and taking little rebounding breaks for a few minutes at a time helps get my blood flowing, re-energizes me, and allows me to re-focus. I also like the workout videos that bellicon emails me. I've only had my bellicon a few weeks, but I've already noticed more toning and less bloating. I've also been sleeping better. I worked out 5-6 days a week before the bellicon, but wanted more cardio that I could do quickly (without going to a gym) and indoors (as I live in hot Central Fla.) Not only is this a great cardio workout, but it's great for core strengthening/balance and toning. I keep my bellicon in my living room and love to see it there (I got the black/grey mat with black bungees and screw in legs-- it looks great). This is a top of the line rebounder! I love it.

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