Beyond Great

Amy Louise 18.06.2014

I am 48 years young and work hard to stay active, but my knees and hips have started to rebel with traditional workouts, especially if they involve plyometrics. My Bellicon has been amazing, and perhaps the best part about it is how I have seen my agility and balance increase over the few months I've had it. One legged moves and kicks that were difficult at first, now they are no problem. Also, the 49" mat allows for a lot of forward/back and lateral movements comfortably. No worries about not having enough space. I invested in the Bellicon because I could see how it was a piece of equipment that I can use well into my later me, this is the test of a truly good piece of equipment. In it, I've found quality and a new way to stay healthy for years. Thanks Bellicon!

Tags: active, knee, hip, workout
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