The processing and handling of my purchase order were superb

Claus Wenzel 02.12.2015

"I wish to thank you sincerely. The processing and handling of my purchase order were superb. Not just because I received my trampoline only a few days after ordering it, but also because my request change was handled so quickly and without difficultly. I also found it very helpful that you were always so cooperative and flexible on the telephone. Nowadays, your friendliness and engagement are unfortunately not always a matter of course everywhere.

Added to this is the fact that I’m simply thrilled with my trampoline. Never have I had a sports device that made it so easy to get through a training session. Getting through it is actually not the right way to describe it as it suggests that energy is needed to even start exercising. The opposite is true. Almost every time I walk past my trampoline, I feel the urge to get on it.

And that which takes place in my body during and after exercising cannot be described differently than an orgy of wildly dancing and energy filled hormones. It feels as if I’ve fallen into a fountain of youth. My mood suddenly improves, I’m full of initiative and power and all this after only a few minutes effort a day."

Tags: Service, Training, Fun
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