Finding Life Balance with a bellicon rebounder

Dr. Dieter Breithecker 23.03.2014

Highly elastic mini trampolines – such as the bellicon – promote reactivation of under-utilized senses».

“As director of the Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Exercise, Germany, I meet more and more people of all ages who are struggling to maintain social- emotional and physical equilibrium. A significant underlying cause is rooted in our hectic, over-stimulated daily lifestyle that renders our bodies unable to integrate sensory input.

Accomplishing basic tasks these days relies heavily on visual and auditory input. This is causing a shift in the “balance of sensory information” away from vestibular proprioceptive function.

Our bodies contain an extensive detection and transmission network that governs our spatial perception. This network is resident in the inner ear, joints, muscles, and tendons. If it is not functioning smoothly, we become unable to maintain proper posture and coordination. Perhaps more disconcerting are signs that difficulties in our brain’s ability to track bodily motion can impact our overall physical, mental, and emotional well being.

The lack of a “balanced diet for the senses” is evident in the inability of 35% of children aged 4-17 years to keep their balance while attempting to walk two or more steps backward on a 1.25-inch wooden beam. In a test where subjects were asked to balance for one minute on a T-shaped rail, 86% of girls and boys could not do this without putting their foot on the ground. The older the child, the more prevalent these results.

A mini trampoline with highly elastic bands can make a big difference when it comes to restoring balance, no matter what a person’s age.

Take, for example, the bellicon mini trampoline: it’s special importance in the context of “good back health” has already been recognized by a quality seal of approval it received from the non-profit “Campaign for Healthy Backs.” This trampoline’s highly elastic bands enable joint-friendly walking, running and jumping, the very kind of motion that improves the complex muscle capabilities associated with posture and balance.

Highly elastic bungees enable gentle and even amplitudes while bouncing. This motion serves as a basic activator of vestibular proprioceptive functions (ability to maintain balance), and thus awareness of one’s own body, as well as the ability to coordinate movements. There is plentiful scientific evidence demonstrating the importance of vestibular proprioceptive triggers. These stimulative processes are an important factor in brain plasticity. They improve the one’s overall metabolic condition, and enable a higher level of adaptation and processing in the brain.

In recent years researchers have used advanced imaging systems to demonstrate that motion and its corresponding sensory mechanisms (vestibular proprioceptive functions) contribute to the release of neurotropic (nerve-cell-protecting) substances by regions of the brain. These substances enable preservation and function of neurologic structures while promoting nerve metabolism.

In addition, self-paced exercise on the bellicon trampoline is very well suited for achieving “inner balance.” Every living being continually strives for “inner balance” to promote overall well-being. Scientists use the term homeostasis to characterize this tendency toward equilibrium, seen in constant adjustments to maintain a stable state. This means not only physiological adaptation processes, as seen, for example, in elevated blood pressure and pulse when climbing steps, but also self-regulation for the balance of mind and soul.

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