Exercising Is Actually Enjoyable Now

Alyssa 17.06.2014

I love my Bellicon rebounder...working-out is actually fun now! I have had mine for over a year and haven't missed a day of exercising. I have the middle size with bendable legs. The frame and legs have stood up amazingly, I wood rate that 5 stars. The mat has stood up great too, I notice the in one area the outer rim covering the bungees has slightly warped in one area (but doesn't affect my workout) I would rate this 4 stars. The bungee cords lasted almost to the date 1 year, and I have already replaced them. I really really wish they would come out with stronger bungee cords because they aren't cheep to replace, I would rate them at 2-3 stars. Overall I love my rebounder...and am addicted for life!

Tags: workout
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