I found the bellicon brand at just the right time

M. K. 27.12.2018

I happened across the bellicon brand (nothing is a coincidence) in April this year, and purchased it in early May.

I am so incredibly grateful to bellicon for their amazing product.

After losing my favourite sister suddenly five years ago (most trauma ever for me!), and not exercising much for the better part of four years while dealing with my grief, earlier this year — after a few incredible Five Element Acupuncture sessions to release blocked Heart and Lung energy — I decided it was time to get my lymphatic system moving again.

When I brought my bellicon home, I know my husband thought for sure that it would be collecting dust within a week; however, he was mistaken from the get-go about my commitment to rebounding.

I started rebounding on it and was immediately addicted. I have been rebounding on it almost every day for the past 7 months.

After approximately three months of rebounding, I lost 8 lbs. without even changing my diet or even focusing on losing weight! I was only thinking about moving my lymphatic system. My flexibility, core strength and balance have also improved *significantly*. I can again fit into those coats, jeans, shirts, shorts, and bathing suits that were previously too snug to wear!

My husband is now rebounding on it and loves it, which I love. I cannot tear myself away from my bellicon because, as so many customers have said, it is pure joy and endless fun to rebound on! We are now fighting over who gets to rebound on it first. I even took it with me on two vacations this summer because I could not imagine being without it.

Thank you to everyone at bellicon for a superior product. I feel like a million bucks, and I know I will be rebounding on my bellicon for years to come. I am telling everyone about my bellicon!

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