It's surprisingly fun and relaxing

M. 05.05.2015

The Bellicon was easy to assemble and lighter than expected.

It's surprisingly fun and relaxing. I like bouncing on it in the morning while listening to dance music. Even just a few minutes on the Bellicon each day seems to help strengthen my legs, which were quite weakened during recent chemotherapy for breast cancer.

I underwent axillary lymph node surgery a few months ago and my right arm is at risk for lymphedema. Every day I'm supposed to do a bunch of physical therapy exercises--stretches and weights--and if I do everything as prescribed it would take about an hour and a half. The PT gets a little boring, but I recently tried adding a few minutes of rebounding on the Bellicon in between stretches, and that has provided a much needed energy boost. I'm also pleased to know that rebounding is supposed to be good for the lymphatic system.

Thanks for a great product.

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