Best Rebounder Ever!!

Monique Brockley Drinkman 24.08.2015

I was pleasantly surprised how quiet and comfortable it is to use the Bellicon Rebounder. I had a soft bounce Needak Rebounder in the past and did not enjoy it as much as I wanted due to the noise of the springs. Not a problem with the Bellicon Rebounder with it's bungee ropes. No one knows I'm exercising now! The Bellicon Rebounder also takes comfort to another level. The mat has a really nice feel to it. Jumping is fun and painless even with my knees getting older :)

I wanted to mention to Karen that there are many videos from different Bellicon enthusiasts on YouTube. She should check them out.

Do yourself a favor, don't settle for a cheap brand.

Tags: needak, comfort
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