My Son Loves It!

Susan 03.02.2016

My 19-year old son, diagnosed with autism, absolutely loves his Bellicon rebounder! We have tried so many other rebounders, and my son would wear them out in less than a year. Along with the frustrations of the other companies not honoring my warranty due to his special-needs, there were dangerous aspects of having his feet fall through the broken springs and having the rebounder legs bend away from the main frame.

It's been several years now, and the only thing we've had to replace are the bungee cords. My son jumps on it many times every day. It helps him handle his emotions and creates a leveling effect on his moods. He jumps extra hard when he's happy and also when he's frustrated - his rebounder is the only thing in the house that really matters to him. He loves the extra springing jump, and he has had rebounders in the past that he refused to use because they weren't springy enough.

Thank you, Bellicon, for making the only rebounder that can handle my son's aggressive jumping and brings so much joy to his life.

Tags: autism, child
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