I love how easy it is

Tiffany Kretzmeier 24.03.2014

I had been interested in trying out rebounding, since I had heard of the health benefits of rebounding, and also the different cardio possibilities that one can get from rebounding. Since I was trying to save money, I went ahead and bought a generic brand rebounder from Wal-Mart, I think it cost me $40.00? Well, sadly that was $40.00 wasted because each time I stepped on it- it made noise and I didn't feel like I was safe using it. I weighed about 180 (pounds) when I used that one and the max limit was I think 250 (pounds), so I thought it'd be a lot sturdier than that. Not to mention all the dire warnings in the instruction manual about setting it up that it required 2 strong people to make it fold flat and set the hinges correctly.

Looking up other rebounders, I found bellicon's website, and read up the testimonials and watched the videos posted about other people enjoying their bellicon Rebounders. I noticed the price difference, of course, but I knew I found the right rebounder for me. The bellicon is a better quality rebounder, and has a much better reputation.

I placed my order in late November 2011, and gave it a good few weeks of trying it out daily for about 30 minutes per day. I love how easy the initial set up was. I just had to screw on the legs to the frame (there is an option to have the foldable legs, but I chose not to have that) which was extremely easy for me to do by myself. The quietness of the bellicon was a nice benefit, too! I could get a lot of intense jumping on it- and it was whisper silent; which also shows how sturdy it is, considering how intense I can get my jump and I now weigh around 170 (I credit the weight loss to my cardio on the rebounder, which is- again 30 minutes or so per day). Also, as an added bonus, my bellicon rebounder also came with a free workout DVD (which I love to do)!

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