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The rebounder makes all the difference
Elizabeth 16.09.2018
When I first learned about the health benefits of using a rebounder, I bought an inexpensive unit at Sports Authority. My back would feel jarred, it was noisy and too small. I decided to go for the Bellicon after reading about the quality build of it, and I am SO HAPPY I gave rebounding another chance. Now I get on it every morning and look forward to it. I feel great afterwards, ready for the ...
Stabilizing after a bladder operation
M. Aniol-Plös 09.07.2015

"After a bladder operation, my rehab therapists and I looked for a suitable exercise device that would stabilize and strengthen the muscles of my pelvic floor. In the 62 years of my life, I had never been without sport. This device really surprised me.
It didn’t just give me more stabilization after the operation, it also had other advantages: better concentration due to increased oxygen intake, improved balance and generally feeling better.
I use the bellicon® daily. My recommendation: this super rebounder belongs in every household!"