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Don't waste your time or money on a competitor's model
Jen 13.07.2016

Don't waste your time or money on a competitor's rebounders. I initially bought one of the $100 rebounders as seen on tv, and the legs broke within the first couple of months. The manufacturer gave me a replacement model, but I decided that I would upgrade to a better model. I did a lot of research and settled on another model at the $350-400 price point. It was definitely a steadier better quality model that worked fine and gave me no problems, but it was noisy and didn't provide a much different bouncing experience than the $100 model. At the time I wanted to upgrade, I just couldn't justify the higher price of the Bellicon. Boy was I wrong! I tried my sister's Bellicon, and there was no comparison between the 3 models. The Bellicon was absolutely amazing, and I had to buy one for myself. It is a completely different bouncing experience, and is so much fun that I want to exercise all of the time. THE BELLICON IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am just sorry that I wasted my money on these other models. I recommend the 49" classic, as it gives you so much more bouncing area. And, LOVE the fun bright pink color.

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The best piece of equipment we own!
Michigan Bouncer 07.01.2016

My husband and I bought the middle sized model for our home gym because we both have joint issues and found through extensive research that rebounding was a great low-impact, high intensity workout. We LOVE it. We love it so much we bought a second one. This one is the smallest version, and we went with the folding legs this time. This little (and it's really not that little) baby is behind my desk at work so that when I need a break but to have time or the social acumen for a walk around my building, I just hop on for a few minutes. I am learning to deal with the strange looks and questions, and I am so grateful to have it here. Bought TWO you say?! You must be rich, and money of no object. No, this is so far from true. We are lower middle class recent college grads with student loans and many other bills. We did this because we have to get in shape and we have to have a fun way to do it or we won't stick with it. The frames have a life-time warranty, and the accessories have good warranties as well, so I figure we can't actually go wrong with these. We reviewed a lot of the "cheaper" brands and there is nothing that compares to the experience and value of the Bellicon. We simply decided to invest in our heath what others invest in cable TV (cost wise).

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We love our Bellicon!!! Recommending it to everyone! Ft. Lauderdale, FL
VJ 25.11.2014

We love our bellicon!!! Recommending it to everyone! Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Love my Bellicon!!
Belinda 18.06.2014

I reviewed rebounders for several months before choosing the Bellicon. I ordered to 49" with screw on legs. I can't say enough great things about it! I have had it a few weeks and can already tell a huge difference in the toning of my legs and arms. I am also a lot more limber! Bouncing in the Bellicon puts me in a happier mood which that in itself is amazing! I love the way it takes all the weight off of my joints. My only regret is not ordering it sooner. I am so glad I made a decision to improve my health.

Great product!
Brenda 24.03.2014

My husband was resistant to buying the bellicon rebounder, but trusted me as I am the researcher in the family and I found out they were the best in the world!

He had done a lot of research in the military on rebounding and its astounding benefits for his recruits, this was back in the 70s, but sadly the military funds were not there for his project then.

After changing our diet 2 years ago we have seen many benefits, but Glenn said he could not get rid of his love handles. In just one month of rebounding twice a week they are gone!

He is so proud and astounded with such little effort he got such results that he could not get with his other very strenuous exercises! And that is coming from a military expert of 20 years training recruits for the field!!