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just wow
Joan 19.09.2014

It is 2 days and I just love it. I never thought it was that great. If you hesitate, well don't because it's worth it.

Tags: investment
Great rebounder in all ways!
Gerardo 22.08.2014

It took me a while to decide to buy the Bellicon mostly because of the higher price compare to other rebounders in the market. I bought a good spring based rebounder but the bungee based Bellicon was always in the back of my mind specially when my spring based rebounder needed grease and it was also becoming noisy in spite of greasing it regularly. I bought the Bellicon premium with screw-in legs; I am extremely happy with my decision not just because grease is not needed and the noise free bouncing but the bouncing itself is so much better; it makes a huge difference in my daily training. The investment is totally worth it. Thank you Romee and Sylvia for helping me with my decision.

I have been rebounding for over 20 years
Mary A. Robinson 11.08.2014

I have been rebounding for over 20 years I have purchased two other brands of rebounders, only to have the springs break. I had heard of bellicon before but I did not want to invest the money in a bellicon . I thought the bellicon was to costly, But bellicon recently had a sale going so I decided to make the investment. I am so delighted with the Bellicon, it's unbelievable it feels good , it's quiet and best of all the quality is well worth the investment. My only regret is I wish I could purchase another one, I would like one at work also. I Love It! bellicon is by far the best.

Well worth the lifetime investment! I call it my happy cloud...
Kate 07.08.2014

I visited a friend in Malibu last winter and had the pleasure of jumping on his Bellicon. I was blown away! It felt so good to be jumping on it. It literally made me feel light, happy and exuberant. I determined I had to have one. He told me the Bellicon was expensive but the best on the market. I returned to NYC and did my own research. I was convinced the Bellicon was the only one for me. I have no doubt I made the right choice. I bought the smaller model with the foldable legs. The workmanship is unbelievable. It's the most sturdy thing ever and no stability is lost in the folding model. I love the fact that it's easily transportable but I wouldn't mind having a little more mat space as well. If I travel for extended periods- it's going to have to go with me. I so love my Bellicon that I could certainly see myself selling these babies. I truly believe everyone needs one and espouse the Bellicon's virtues at every opportunity. I can jump forever and feel so good and toned. I foresee jumping the rest of my life. I will be the 95 year old rebounder guru. By the way, I should mention that many years ago I bought a cheap rebounder 1/10th the price. It had springs and squeaked at every bounce. I hated it and gave it away after ceasing use. That will never happen with this one. Well worth the lifetime investment. Thanks Bellicon!