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Happy Hopper
Ginavee 02.04.2016

I discovered an exercise that I really love! Jumping makes me happy! I jump when I get home from work to get the kinks out and I jump as soon as I wake up to get my body moving- I am usually very stiff in the morning and after jumping I find relief. I start out very gently and move into more strenuous repetitions, but all the while smiling! It doesn't matter how long I jump, whether it's a few minutes or 30- I get that instant helping of happiness! So fun! The Bellicon quality really makes a difference as I never was all that excited about rebounding before- Years ago I owned a cheap spring one that barely cleared the floor and I ended up giving it to the kids to play on and never thought I would revisit it. I heard about the health benefits of lymph stimulation and of course I wanted to firm up my thighs- which I'm still looking forward to - but the emotional wellness I have experienced makes the journey towards the physical so much more rewarding and less of a chore. In just 2 weeks Bellicon has already enhanced my life. I will soon be utilizing the be360 site and am looking forward to that! Thank you!

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Loving it!
Jules 03.01.2016

I just received my Bellicon as a Christmas present today, and just finished using it for 15 minutes. I absolutely love it! I'm leaving it in my living room so I can jump on it when I want. Since I got the one with the folding legs, I can fold it up when we have company; otherwise, it's staying out!

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It's absolutely brilliant
AD 30.12.2015

I research the hell out of things I buy, and that's anything I buy. I spent an entire week researching "rebounders" I watched the official videos made by Bellicon, and I watched and read reviews by people who already owned one. I also watched comparison videos of the competitors, I think no one else should bother making a rebounder and no one should buy anything but a Bellicon. When I ordered one, it was after my research ...

When I received it, I realized it was worth every single cent I paid for it. This is without a doubt the FERRARI OF REBOUNDERS. The build quality is unlike any other rebounder, the attention to detail creates perfection. I bought the classic 44" one with folding legs. I have owned a treadmill, a stationary bike and I wish I had bought one of these ten years ago. Don't bother buying any other rebounder this is as close to silent jumping as you will find. I have my Bellicon right in-front of my desk, I have only had it for a couple of weeks and I started a minute at a time, I'm at 5 mins now and I already feel better.

Finally everyone I spoke with in their sales department was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their videos are all the instruction you will need to learn how to use it. This is the best purchase I have made in 2015.

Love the Bellicon!
Pbounce 16.08.2015

I am 53 and moderately active. I have the 44" classic. Start out with short spurts! At first I jumped for too long because it was so fun. It was like I shook up my organs and everything hurt inside. (in a post workout kind of way). When I started more gradually, it was fun and easy and no longer "shook me up". Lightly bouncing on the Bellicon helps to adjust my mood after a stressful day.

When I do intense work outs, I will use the Bellicon for some of the exercises to decrease the impact on my knees. I'll jump on it when I don't have time for a full workout. Even 10 minutes is enough to get the heart rate up.

Great quality. Quiet. Fun!

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Value, quality, most fun exercise
Kansas Kate 12.08.2015

I grew up with a trampoline but haven't been on one for many years. In my sixties I want to get and stay fit after shattering my knee a few years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bellicon which I have waited for years to buy. Wish I had purchased it years ago. I use it to break the monotony of sitting at my desk for hours, doing quick 5 to 10 minute jumping breaks to increase my energy. I also use it when I watch TV at night. I have had no negative repercussions from using it regularly even with a history of osteoporosis and previously broken bones. Overall, I have more energy, sleep better at night and know that the work it does to drain my lymph system is a good way to combat cancer that is rampant in my family.

I purchased the 49" Bellicon as I am fairly tall and wanted the largest space to be able to do the largest variety of exercises possible. Although the rebounder looks like a small trampoline it has a sturdier bounce that makes it better for various reasons. I am 5'7", 130 so I have the "strong" bungees. Mine has the folding legs which are very sturdy and make storing it away easy when needed. For the most part it stays open because I enjoy jumping daily.

I highly recommend Bellicon and believe no other brand is equal. Their customer service is exceptional. I received my well-packed Bellicon in about 4 days. I could not be happier to have made this purchase.

Quality Plus fun
Tammy 31.05.2015

My Bellicon is awesome !

At 5am I turn on some dance music and get my 20 min. jump in before work. It makes my body feel great. So many beniffits from it, I never stop jumping.

Love Love Love it !!

Tags: jumping, benefits
Worth its weight in gold!
Kimmy 26.02.2015

I've owned a transcription business, Shadow Systems, Inc., for over 20 years. We transcribe corporate and independent video production company programs for many Fortune 500 companies. My transcription business requires a lot of sitting! This Christmas I received a 49 inch bellicon Rebounder as a gift. I keep my bellicon Rebounder in an exercise room next to my office. Being able to take short 5 minute breaks each hour to work-out on my bellicon really helps to motivate me—it gets me up and out of my chair and moving! And, the bellicon Rebounder is so well-made that it's just a pleasure to workout on! I find my Bellicon workouts keep me fresh and focused throughout the day!

Overall, I feel so blessed to have a Bellicon. I'm able to exercise while my son naps, and it's so FUN! As a previous full marathoner and high impact exerciser, the Bellicon feels so good on my knees. There are so many benefits to rebounding and my body is already thanking me. Weight loss has been steady and I feel great! In addition, the Bellicon YouTube videos are a wonderful resource for workouts and information!

Keep up the great work, Bellicon!! It's time to bounce... : )

JG 11.01.2015

I got my bellicon in November of 2014, and it will be my primary form of exercise for the rest of my life. I'm a 50-year-old mom of teenagers and teacher of fourth graders. I'm often exhausted and feel a lack of motivation to gear up for a major workout on my treadmill on work/school nights. My feet often ache, and I don't relish the idea of pounding out miles in workout shoes. So I get a quick, healthy snack, kick off my shoes, change into comfy shorts and a t-shirt, and hop on my bellicon. I tell myself that I can just do this for ten or fifteen minutes. Then, before I know it, forty-five minutes to an hour have passed, and I'm feeling like a new person. I've lost track of time, I'm breathing deeply, and every part of my body is invigorated, including my previously-aching feet. I love swimming in the summer because of the fluid range of motion possible, and I get the same ability to move and twist on my vellicon. After jumping, I lie down on the mat for stretching and relaxation. Also, my calf and thigh muscles have never been so firm in my life. I use 1-pound bean-filled hand weights for an arm and shoulder workout, as well. Love it! No regrets!

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Great piece of equipment
Dave Awbrey 10.01.2015

I have had the bellicon for almost two months and have not missed a day. Usually at least 30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour of jumping. I really appreciate the quality and design of the bellicon and would heartily recommend it. It's my daily therapy and I wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks bellicon!

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Good times
Dr. Faust 10.01.2015

I can no longer do jumping jacks on a hard surface and running can be painful. So last year I swam and biked. But this year I wanted to add to the routine. I shopped around and bought the bellicon. My wife was not pleased at the price but now she loves it too. I can exercise right next to her and the process is virtually silent. When you add in the time and expense of driving to a gym, it is obvious the thing pays for itself.