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Loving my Bellicon
Lucy Rebounder 20.07.2015

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I started using my Bellicon 39" Classic. I can honestly say it is the best piece of home exercise equipment I've every used.

1) It's quiet (my neighbors in adjacent apartments can't hear me).
2) I can make it as easy or as challenging as I want.
3) When I come home after a stressful day, it only takes 10 minutes of walking/bouncing to change my mental/physical state -- great for me to do before sitting down to dinner.
4) I can see my legs toning up already.
5) It is a lot of fun, so I want to come back each day and do it again.

I am thrilled I can seeing results already and I have no doubt I will reach my long term fitness / weight loss goals.

Thankful and Grateful
Faye 21.01.2015

Love, love, love my Bellicon; not only have I noticed results, but my massage therapist has also. I love being able to spend less time bouncing and have noticed results with my inner ear balance issue. Wish that I had gotten one sooner. Thankful and grateful, Bellicon....

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Best of the lot
GrannyP 10.01.2015

I jumped on my first rebounder in the 80's and broke two of the $39/49 cheapies from the sports store and gave it up for ten years. When deciding to get back to rebounding in Chicago because the winters were too cold for daily outdoor walking, I paid up to get the best at the time a Reboundair. And I loved it, jumping pretty regularly but maybe only 10 or 15 minutes per day. On my 68th birthday, I decided it was time to increase my time to keep from losing bone mass, balance, and lung power. A broken spring took me on an internet search and bellicon kept bouncing to the top of search results. I was hooked, and took possession of my 44" blue mat, lime green bungees in early winter. I bounce six minutes every hour for a total of 60 minutes per day. I look great, feel great and give thanks to bellicon for giving me so much enjoyment and healthful exercise.