Good for obese and heart insufficiency patients

Dr. Christoph Altmann, head physician cardiology
Picture of Dr. Christoph Altmann

“By using the bellicon® ergometry, it is possible for therapeutically useful and cardiologically justifiable motion sequences to be defined on the trampoline and implemented at home during daily training sessions.

The exercises we have developed on the bellicon® trampoline are effective, safe and for patients who are well prepared, they ensure that the therapy is not discontinued. The high fun factor plays a big part in this.

The exercises are especially suitable for those patients to whom conventional training is problematic, for example:

  • Obese patients
  • Patients with joint problems in the lower part of their body
  • Heart insufficiency patients

The additional need for upright posture, coordination and the fun gained from this form of exercise when practiced during therapy sessions on the bellicon® at home, all lead to a better quality of life and better adjustment to domestic or professional stress for heart patients.”

Dr. Altmann, head physician cardiology
Median Klinik
Hauptstraße 39
01816 Bad Gottleuba

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