Bouncing is to be alive – only that which bounces is in balance

Wolfgang Placht, rebounder therapist instructor
Picture of Wolfgang Placht

“For 20 years now, I’ve been working as a physiotherapist / alternative practitioner, using the trampoline in individual sessions, and for 18 years I’ve been giving seminars for therapists and trainers on the subject of therapeutically working on the trampoline.

It is very suitable for patients aftercare, health prevention and fitness. Almost every physical challenge is easier after training on a trampoline. Especially in the domain of aftercare for orthopedic and neurological illnesses, as well as after surgical interventions, incredible results with trampoline therapy can be achieved.

For 8 years now, Mrs. Anna Fiand (physiotherapist / alternative practitioner / nutritionist) has enriched the training to become a trampoline teacher. Through cooperation with Mrs. Fiand, the trampoline academy came into being which in 2011 will commence with new trampoline courses.

Two years ago I discovered a completely new trampoline from the bellicon company which widely exceeded my expectations. It provides a totally new swing experience. The workmanship, the high quality and the uniqueness of the design completely convinced us. When compared, known trampolines with metal springs seem stiff, hard and inflexible.

The bellicon® rebounders offer varied, individual swing variations, so that they are suitable for every weight category. Therapy and fitness reach a new dimension on these devices. For us it is clear: the future lies with the bellicon® devices.”

Wolfgang Placht, rebounder therapist instructor
Burgunderstr. 2
79104 Freiburg
Phone: 0761 767689-0

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