Expert Testimonials

Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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No exercise is that easy and at the same time so efficient
Paul Klammer, chief physiotherapist
“The bellicon® helps me with my therapy, stimulating and motivating the patients in a gentle way. It facilitates movement and the metabolic processes in under supplied areas are boosted. Not much can be achieved with just physiotherapy if it isn’t accompanied by appropriate exercise. With the bellicon® very good results can be achieved for the cardiovascular system, respiration, musculature, connective tissue, joints and spinal discs, for the stability of the body, balance and equilibrium, and lastly for our metabolism and weight control. I don’t know any other kind of exercise that is so simple, easy and at the same time so efficient!”
Jumping – an inherent strength
Christiane Seiler, occupational therapist and lecturer
“Hypotonic children don’t like skipping, and flexibility and rhythm are not present. As children with muscle hypotonia don’t bend their knees but stretch them, skipping becomes stiff, powerless, cumbersome and stomping. Skipping on the ground feels labored and is not kept up for very long. These children need incentives to skip. The best support comes from flexible trampolines. Be aware when purchasing a trampoline: the flexibility of the suspension determines the quality of the trampoline. Hard suspensions are unsuitable for children as their low body weight prevents them from reaching a high enough swing amplitude whilst bouncing.”
A big slice of health every day
Oliver Härting, health coach
“The trainings device of the moment, a bellicon® mini trampoline with a highly flexible rebounding mat, leaves nothing to be wished for. An eventful day, where learning is fun, finds exertion and relaxation. A trainings device, derived from nature, the movement, swinging in a woman’s womb. People who enjoy using the bellicon® trampoline never forget it. Exercise is the basis for everything in life. Every activity during the day is achieved through exercise. It is a creative interaction of cognitive and practical skills that everybody uses in their private or professional life. The bellicon® supports and forms these abilities through regular exercise, with a view to exertion and relaxation.”
Effective and motivating therapy for my patients
Marcus Schaub, alternative practitioner and physiotherapist
“Swinging on the highly flexible trampolines made by the bellicon company is an effective and motivating therapy for my patients. I use the high fun factor and the healthy mobilization on the trampoline when there are problems with the spinal column (the rhythmic changes in gravity are especially good for the intervertebral discs), with the joints, obesity, muscular tension, depression and many other illnesses. It’s also great homework for the patients – doing therapeutic exercises on their trampoline. There’s only one disadvantage: those patients who really do exercise regularly on a bellicon® at home, hardly ever come back to my practice. ;-)”