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Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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The bellicon® helps to regenerate the pelvic floor
Gisela Schirmer, physiotherapist and pelvic floor specialist
“By regularly swinging on the flexible bellicon® mini trampoline, the blood circulation and ability to react in the pelvic floor area are improved; the cells are better nourished and sustain the task not to rest and drop!! Many woman, and not only those with slight pelvic floor problems but also those who according to their doctor’s diagnosis need an operation, have recovered by training on the bellicon®. The same thing is applicable here: use the muscles, boost your cells or forget it! Or as the saying goes: use it or lose it! Through continuous practice, the pelvic floor’s retaining ability can be considerably improved.”