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Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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Many benefits of the bellicon® training
By Paul Kaye, course tutor and consultant at Rebound Therapy UK
“We had been looking for some time to find a mini trampoline that was suitable for disabled people to use as a complementary activity to their Rebound Therapy programme. Most rebounders on the market have a bounce that is too hard for the clients we work with, but we heard about the bellicon® and agreed to trial it for a period of five months using people with a wide variety of disabilities. We found that the bellicon® with its elastic cables and slower, softer bounce is an ideal product for our purposes: it is fun, gives confidence in movement, is usually achievable (good target/goal setting), develops fitness and gives general confidence and a feeling of well being.”
Bone loss stopped by bouncing on a bellicon®
Dr. Joachim Schulz, osteoporosis specialist
“Bouncing on a highly flexible trampoline affects our whole body. Everything is trained. Whilst descending, our muscles, sinews, ligaments and bones are slightly pressed together by the force of gravity, and then relaxed again whilst moving upwards. So by bouncing on the trampoline, all the cells in our organism are effectively trained. Following a study with osteoporosis patients, we were able to clearly prove that bone loss was stopped by workouts on a bellicon® mini trampoline. Coordination and reflexes were definitely improved, which also prevents breakages, and by training on the trampoline the bone density levels remained stable.”
The bellicon® helps to regenerate the pelvic floor
Gisela Schirmer, physiotherapist and pelvic floor specialist
“By regularly swinging on the flexible bellicon® mini trampoline, the blood circulation and ability to react in the pelvic floor area are improved; the cells are better nourished and sustain the task not to rest and drop!! Many woman, and not only those with slight pelvic floor problems but also those who according to their doctor’s diagnosis need an operation, have recovered by training on the bellicon®. The same thing is applicable here: use the muscles, boost your cells or forget it! Or as the saying goes: use it or lose it! Through continuous practice, the pelvic floor’s retaining ability can be considerably improved.”
Effective prevention with fun
Andreas Sperber, chief physiotherapist
“For several years, we have been working with the highly flexible bellicon® trampolines in the Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Rippoldsau. Together with music, to the rhythm of the beat, this form of «movement» therapy is a very easy way to exercise for all those who either dislike it, or don’t do sport at all. When we explain the advantages and effectiveness, the patients are quickly convinced. This is clearly the basis for exercise that is to be effective, and that can also be continued at home. A little exercise at a time can give the feeling: «I can do it»! These successes are very important for the next step. This brings about a positive feeling for life and more self-esteem.”
Good for obese and heart insufficiency patients
Dr. Christoph Altmann, head physician cardiology
“By using the bellicon® ergometry, it is possible for therapeutically useful and cardiologically justifiable motion sequences to be defined on the trampoline and implemented at home during daily training sessions. The exercises we have developed on the bellicon® trampoline are effective, safe and for patients who are well prepared, they ensure that the therapy is not discontinued. The high fun factor plays a big part in this. The additional need for upright posture, coordination and the fun gained from this form of exercise when practiced during therapy sessions on the bellicon® at home, all lead to a better quality of life and better adjustment to domestic or professional stress for heart patients.”
No exercise is that easy and at the same time so efficient
Paul Klammer, chief physiotherapist
“The bellicon® helps me with my therapy, stimulating and motivating the patients in a gentle way. It facilitates movement and the metabolic processes in under supplied areas are boosted. Not much can be achieved with just physiotherapy if it isn’t accompanied by appropriate exercise. With the bellicon® very good results can be achieved for the cardiovascular system, respiration, musculature, connective tissue, joints and spinal discs, for the stability of the body, balance and equilibrium, and lastly for our metabolism and weight control. I don’t know any other kind of exercise that is so simple, easy and at the same time so efficient!”
Jumping – an inherent strength
Christiane Seiler, occupational therapist and lecturer
“Hypotonic children don’t like skipping, and flexibility and rhythm are not present. As children with muscle hypotonia don’t bend their knees but stretch them, skipping becomes stiff, powerless, cumbersome and stomping. Skipping on the ground feels labored and is not kept up for very long. These children need incentives to skip. The best support comes from flexible trampolines. Be aware when purchasing a trampoline: the flexibility of the suspension determines the quality of the trampoline. Hard suspensions are unsuitable for children as their low body weight prevents them from reaching a high enough swing amplitude whilst bouncing.”
My clients love it!
Shannon Cullerton, Occupational Therapist
“The bellicon® provides my clients with the vestibular (movement) input many of my clients with sensory processing disorders need. My clients love it! Occupational therapist at my therapy clinic love the fold up legs, which makes it easy to transport from room to room. We have two other trampolines in our clinic, but the bellicon®’s dynamic bounce from the bungees and quality material really sets it apart from the more traditional trampolines with springs.”
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The bellicon® rebounder is superior to spring rebounders
Carrie Einck, Sovereign Pediatric Therapy
Carrie Einck, Sovereign Pediatric Therapy
“I am so happy with the bellicon® purchase for my OT gym as it has helped me more appropriately target client goals toward motor planning and vestibular/proprioceptive input. Even more, it has brought endless joy to each and every one of my clients! I have found the bellicon® rebounder to be superior to the spring rebounders I formally used in sensory-based treatment. I would highly recommend this product to any therapist looking for a more motivating and appropriate modality toward both motor and sensory goals.”
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