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Something remarkable is sailing through the world of fitness. Or in this case, jumped through. In Germany, Personal Trainer and Health & Life coach Remy Draaijer has come across the bellicon®, a mini-trampoline with bungee-elastics.

The bellicon® has been labeled as the Rolls Royce of the mini-trampolines. Because of the bungee-elastics, your weight is gradually intercepted, this way your joints will not be overburdened. Remy has brought the bellicon® to the Netherlands, has developed the JUST BOUNCE® concept, and a new fitness concept was born.

Remy: ‘There are countless of methods to remain fit, but according to modern science, there is a method that is playful, more fun, more effective, easier, and healthier than anything else: rebounding. According to NASA rebounding is the most effective way of exercise.’

JUST BOUNCE® group lessons 

Remy Draaijer calls JUST BOUNCE® a holistic way of exercising. ‘By starting the classes with balance routines right away (also with eyes closed) it is almost impossible to wander off with your thoughts. The unstable foundation makes sure that you have to do everything in order to stay in balance, this results in the fact that you are focused both during the training and afterwards. At the same time, the participants experience the classes to be playful, you only see happy faces.’

Remy has designed different group lessons – Kids, Starters, Power, Family and Gold (elderly) – that exist of coordination-, balance-, endurance-, interval-, freestyle-, strength-, stretch- and relaxation-exercises. You do not have to exercise at the rhythm of the music. This way, the less rhythmatic exerciser can do it as well. Another great advantage is that you can exercise at your own level. Remy Draaijer: ‘Even if you bounce while keeping your feet on the mat, you are giving your body a great exercise. This makes JUST BOUNCE® a safe way of exercising as well.’

Total Body Training

Rebounding improves your stamina, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination, increases the burn of calories, stimulates your lymphatic system and trains all 638 muscles of your body. Remy: ‘If you touch your biceps during rebounding, you can feel this muscle tightening and relaxing. This happens to all the muscles in your body. Breathing also plays an important role during the training. The so-called JUST BOUNCE® breathing causes relaxation during exertion. Besides calling JUST BOUNCE® a training, one can also call it an EXPERIENCE.’

Experience participant Wendy Mulder

‘My GP told me that it was not good for me to go jogging because I’m overweight, that way I would burden my joints too much. This annoyed me, because I wanted to exercise in order to lose weight. When my friends brought me along to a JUST BOUNCE® class, I was immediately sold. It is so much fun, my joints weren’t burdened and I’m starting to get into shape. I recommend it to everyone!’

Premium fitnessclubs

Guus van der Meer of Special Sports Amstelveen: ‘Seven months ago I’ve met Remy Draaijer for the first time. His enthusiasm and philosophy made me curious about his JUST BOUNCE® concept. After an introduction at our view day the interest in the concept appeared to be so high that we have already scheduled six hours a week, including two hours for children. The classes are a huge success.’   

At SportLeague Heerhugowaard they’re enthusiastic as well. Wibo Janssens : ‘Just like with ever new craze we were a little reserved at first, every new concept promises you heaven. The training and acquaintance with JUST BOUNCE® gave our instructors of SportLagune the full conviction that JUST BOUNCE® is going to be a hit. After more that five months we know we have got a success formula. We have acquired new members and a big amount of members have renewed their contracts because of this new way of exercising. Investing in JUST BOUNCE® repays itself in a little under six months!’

Overweight and elderly

It came as a surprise to Guus van der Meer that the elderly are also able to participate in the classes. ‘The dynamic surface is a challenge for the senso-motorics and appears to fit the current trend of exercising on an unstable surface. The overweight participants are also visibly enjoying the moments of floating. Multiple bungee-elastics are available, suited to the weight of the participants.’

Attraction points for clubs

JUST BOUNCE® lessons are easily accessible for all ages, for both men and women, of all levels. JUST BOUNCE® reaches a very wide target group. Remy: ‘The fun thing about a JUST BOUNCE® Family class is that children can exercise with their parents and grandparents, all in the same class. Furthermore, JUST BOUNCE® can also be used for Personal Training, circuit training and bootcamp.’ 

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