Delivery Areas (Countries) and Means of Payment

Last amended: January 2019

1. The Seller will execute deliveries, subject to the provisions of section 2 below - to Buyers in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. The shipping charges for deliveries to these countries are listed below.

2. If a Customer is interested in delivery to a country that is not listed in sub-section (1) above, s/he should request an offer from the Seller over the telephone, via telefax or email. After receipt of the enquiry, the Seller will make an offer to the customer by email, telefax or letter. A contract is concluded only, when the Customer accepts this offer.

3. The Seller makes delivery to the Customers at the request of the Customer and depending on the country of delivery against payment by means of: 

  • SEPA-direct debit (in Germany only)
  • Credit card (MasterCard or Visa-Card)
  • Cash-on-Delivery (in Germany only)
  • Advance bank transfer/advance payment (outside Germany only) 
  • PayPal
  • iDeal (iDEAL is an electronic payment system exclusively available to people holding a Dutch bank account.)
  • Cash payment upon pick-up
  • RatePAY installment (in Germany and Austria only)

Standard shipping costs for Germany

  • We do not charge any shipping costs for orders amounting to or exceeding a value oft he goods of EUR 100.00, or for consignments that contains books only.
  • For smaller orders up to a weight of 5 kg, we charge shipping costs of EUR 6.00 and shipping costs of EUR 9.00 when the weight of 5 kg is exceeded. 

Express shipping costs for Germany, Austria and France

  • Germany: For express deliveries (order placed before 12:00 h on weekdays, delivery on the next weekday) or deliveries on a fixed day, we charge express fees of EUR 25.00. Please note that this service is only available between Monday and Friday.
  • Austria and France: For express deliveries (order placed before 12:00 h on weekdays, delivery on the day after next working day) or deliveries on a fixed day we charge an additional EUR 40,- express costs.  Please note that this service is only available between Monday and Friday. 

Attention: For express delivery to other countries and islands, please contact us on +49 (0) 221 258 88 0 or by email at so that we can determine the conditions case by case.

Shipping Costs to other Countries

In the table below, you will find the shipping costs for international delivery, broken down by destination zones and weights. For each trampoline or pair of grips/handles, you can – depending on size and model – assume a weight of about 12 kg to 15 kg.

Shipping weight of your order: DVDs up to 5 kg up to 10 kg up to 20 kg up to 50 kg up to 100 kg up to 300 kg
Zone 1 (A, B, CZ, E, F, GB, I, L, NL) EUR 0,- EUR 15,- EUR 25,- EUR 25,- EUR 25,- EUR 50,- EUR 100,-
Zone 2 (DK, FIN, H, IRL, P, PL, S, SK) EUR 0,- EUR 15,- EUR 25,- EUR 50,- EUR 50,- EUR 100,- EUR 200,-
Zone 3 (BG, EST, HR, LT, LV, RO, SLO) EUR 0,- EUR 15,- EUR 25,- EUR 100,- EUR 100,- EUR 200,- EUR 400,-
Mallorca EUR 0,- EUR 15,- EUR 75,- EUR 75,- EUR 120,- EUR 200,- EUR 400,-
Ibiza & Menorca EUR 0,- EUR 15,- EUR 100,- EUR 100,- EUR 150,- EUR 250,- EUR 500,-

Attention:  For despatches to islands (e.g. islands in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Channel Islands, Baleares, Canary Islands, etc.) an island surcharge will be charged. We will be pleased to enquire about shipping costs for such deliveries and for deliveries to countries not listed herein on a case-by-case basis.