You can do (almost) nothing wrong

Do not allude to believing that with a bellicon® you will make a complete mess of your good intentions. We do however feel that the guidance of a knowledgeable therapist is helpful and we therefore recommend such a consultation. Children, for example, have repeatedly shown how simple the initial phase can be. Simply step on the bellicon®. Swing gently with your feet remaining in contact with the mat, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed and enjoy. 

Eine Mutter und ihre Tochter springen jeweils auf einem bellicon®
Eine junge Frau trainiert auf ihrem bellicon®, das neben ihrem Schreibtisch steht

There is no way around your bellicon®

Your bellicon® is calling you. Therefore it should always be found in your peripheral vision. Place your bellicon® such that you might just about trip over it. Regularly spend a few minutes on it. Briefly swing on it for a few minutes to re-invigorate yourself and you will notice that you have done yourself a world of good.

Support bars provide added security

If you believe that you are not as surefooted as you would like to be it is advantageous to have an extra point of stability when at first one starts to train on a bellicon®. Simply place your bellicon® adjacent to a wall. This way you can support yourself with one hand as is necessary. Certainly we have a commercial solution for this dilemma, too. Bellicon offers single support bars or such in pairs with which you can upgrade your bellicon® and thereby afford yourself additional security.

Eine ältere Frau trainiert auf einem bellicon® mit Haltegriffen
Icon mit einem Schuh

Shoes off

Exercising without shoes is most effective by far. The many muscles in your feet which are allowed to rest in shoes are stimulated by bare foot training. Granted, it may seem alien at first but you will acclimatize in no time at all. If you still feel that shoes provide the stability that you require then who are we to stop you. Better not bare foot than not getting on a bellicon® at all.

Icon mit einer Schallplatte

Music is the best companion

Swinging on a bellicon® is an exceedingly pleasant pastime. It only gets better to your favourite music. Call up some groovy tunes or a rhythmic piece of classical music. It will do wonders and the time will fly by. Your mood will undoubtedly soar. Now, some folks prefer visual stimulation so alternatively one can experience great bellicon® moments whilst watching your favourite team or television show.

Icon mit einem Oberkörper

Relax your shoulders

Most people tend to automatically tense their shoulders and pull them upwards. This is an unfavourable poise which blocks the blood flow to the upper body parts and can lead to neck- and headaches. Keep your shoulders free and loose on the bellicon® and you will notice what a difference this can make.

Icon mit einem Fuß und einem bellicon®

Get a feel for your heel

When exercising on the bellicon® do attempt to push your heels into the mat. This gently stretches your Achilles tendons and generally improves your sense of balance. This is a great exercise for ladies who regularly like to step out in high heels.

Icon mit einer Filmklappe

Watch the movie, read the booklet

To each and every bellicon® we have included an introductory DVD, a poster with exercises as well as a broschure. Once you have acclimatized to swinging on the bellicon® you can attempt the exercises shown on these media at your own pace and intensity. This is a great way to get to know your bellicon® and its endless possibilities.

Eine Frau trainiert auf dem bellicon®, daneben wird eine Uhr angezeigt

Do not exaggerate

Swinging on your bellicon® may seem at first to be no effort at all. Do not be mislead. The constant gravitational exchange afflicts all the muscles in your body, even more so those that generally get the least exercise in a normal day. We have received reports from clients experiencing the most unusual muscle pains. Therefore, relative to your state of health and fitness, take heed to exercise for not more than 5 to 10 minutes at first and allow your body to acclimatize to this new and exceptional form of movement. If, at first you experience dizziness be advised that this feeling generally dissipates relatively quickly.

Step off, do not jump off

The bellicon® has a patented soft bungee suspension to which your body immediately acclimatizes and loves. Thus, one should never jump off a bellicon® onto hard ground after exercising. You could erradicate all the good you have just done for your body in one painful landing and that would be a shame.

Eine Frau sitzt auf dem bellicon® Minitrampolin

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