Become a bellicon affiliate and earn money with every bounce.

Become a bellicon affiliate and earn money with every bounce.

bellicon Affiliate Program

Happy and healthy with bellicon: Become a part of our bellicon family.

As a member of our bellicon affiliate program, you become an ambassador for health and joy. You are not only promoting a product, but also sharing the numerous health benefits of training on a bellicon rebounder. Improve the well-being of your community and benefit from our lucrative affiliate program at the same time. Let’s bounce together towards a healthier future!
Overview of the bellicon models.
Your Perks

It’s Simple: Recommend a Product, Earn Commission

Increase your income with our affiliate program. Share the joy of bellicon with your community and enjoy these affiliate perks:
  • Lucrative commission levels.
    Earn up to 25 % commission per sale.
  • Recurring income.
    Sell memberships to bellicon+, our online workout platform, and benefit from recurring passive income.
  • High shopping cart value.
    Earn more due to the high average order value.
  • Real-time dashboard.
    Track statistics on clicks, orders, and commissions in real time.
  • Attractive discounts.
    Exclusive product discounts on your own orders.
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Your bellicon journey

Your success is important to us.

Become part of our bellicon family and benefit from comprehensive support and exclusive resources specifically designed to increase your success as a bellicon affiliate. Our program includes:
  • Information about the bellicon, the brand and the company.
  • Video tutorials on how to sell the product, benefits, marketing, bellicon+ and more.
  • Access to regular webinars.
  • Participation in marketing campaigns.

Become a bellicon affiliate partner and earn commissions!

Discover the benefits of our bellicon affiliate program and start your journey to success today.

Frequently Asked Questions.

In which countries can I work as a bellicon affiliate?
As a bellicon affiliate, there are no limits. The world is your audience, target customers globally regardless of your location.
Who is the bellicon Affiliate program for?
Share the joy and benefits of rebounding, promote physical and mental health, and improve our quality of life. Would you like to actively promote our products? Then you've come to the right place!
What requirements do I have to fulfill to become a bellicon affiliate?
To onboard as a successful bellicon affiliate, you should fulfill the following requirements:

- You have an active website or an active social media account with regular publication of new content.
- You are surrounded by an established community that trusts your content and follows it with commitment.
- You have personal experience with bellicon (or other rebounders and can pass on authentic recommendations.
- You understand the benefits and ideal use of bellicon products and can advise potential customers effectively.
What is the commission structure of the bellicon affiliate program?
In the bellicon affiliate program you benefit from an attractive and progressive commission structure:

- Your commission rate increases with increasing sales - your earning potential grows with every sale.
- If you reach a predefined sales threshold, your commission level increases.
- Earn up to 25 % on rebounders, replacement parts, accessories, and memberships to bellicon+, our online workout platform.
How and when will my commission be paid?
The bellicon affiliate program offers you flexibility and control over your earnings: From a minimum amount of $250 (or an equivalent value in another currency) you can have your commission paid out.
How long are cookies stored?
The cookies set by the bellicon affiliate program remain stored in the browser for 60 days. If prospective customers click on your affiliate link without buying immediately, you will still be entitled to commission for the following 60 days. This gives your prospective customers enough time to make their purchase decision and you as an affiliate can be sure that the order will be credited to your commission at a later date.