Jogging with the mini trampoline: Why you will run even better with bellicon training

Jogging with the mini trampoline: Why you will run even better with bellicon training

Jogging in nature is not always possible. You may live in the city and you might feel uncomfortable running through the crowded streets and cafés? Or you may live in a very mountainous area where it is very difficult for a beginner to find the right start? Or the weather is simply bad or it is far too cold outside? Then these are just a few of the many reasons why a bellicon mini trampoline can be a real enabler for your running training:
From trampoline to marathon - This is Nicole Hadel
Nicole Hadel is a passionate runner. She uses every free minute for a little jog in her adopted hometown of Lucerne. At the end of April 2023, she competed in the Zurich Marathon and ran a top running time of 3:29 h over a distance of 42.195 km. Always with her: her mini-trampoline. The passionate hobby runner has been swearing by a warm up and a cool down on the bellicon for several years - both during training and competition.

Why trampoline and jogging go together...

Nicole has summarised the advantages of trampoline training here:
  • Gentle on the joints
    Bouncing or jumping on a trampoline is easier on the joints than running on asphalt or hard ground. The elastic surface of the mat absorbs the impact and thus reduces the risk of injury and is gentle on the joints.
  • Improves posture, balance and coordination
    Posture can be improved by constantly balancing on the unstable surface as we need to maintain body control. Many muscle groups have to work at the same time and are activated. This is a huge advantage for us runners, especially when we are also running off-road or on trails. At the same time, it help prevent injury and trains against falls, which can be a huge advantage on off-road runs.
  • Strengthens the muscles
    Exercising on the bellicon works a variety of muscles throughout the body, including the foot, leg, abdominal and back muscles. The foot muscles are strengthened because we work on the bellicon without shoes. The training can therefore improve the performance of running enormously. By strengthening the foot muscles, we have an improved push-off phase and, accordingly, improved push-off power.
  • Improvement of endurance, ideal for beginners
    The bellicon training is an intensive form of cardio training that improves the cardiovascular function and increases endurance. Improved endurance can help beginners in particular to cover longer distances while running. Most importantly, it allows the body to gently acclimatise to endurance exercise and make important physical adaptations.
  • Loosening up and releasing tension
    Barefoot training on the bellicon regulates all of your tendons and ligaments, for example the Achilles tendon is not overstrained and at the same time we can train the Achilles tendon to be supple yet strong. While this is happening, training on the mini-trampoline also loosens and relaxes the back and leg muscles, which can prevent and alleviate tension and sore muscles.
  • Varied training/ versatility
    The bellicon training can be a welcome change from running and make the training process more interesting. We can easily cover all elements with the bellicon when training: By bouncing and jumping on the bellicon, the child in us also becomes active, the training is fun and the training incentive is increased. Have you ever seen someone on a trampoline with an unhappy look on their face? NO! The child in us is awakened and we feel joy and fun.

More variety? Our recommendation:

You can get lots of inspiration and ideas on our video platform - whether it's HIT, strength training or training for body and mind - there really is something for all training phases.

  • Regeneration
    Every training session is only as good as the preparation and follow-up. All modern training methods are ultimately ineffective if we do not take into account the necessary regeneration times. Those who challenge themselves during training need to rest afterwards and can recover optimally and faster with the right measures. Bouncing on the bellicon is good for the muscles and the body’s systems and at the same time a blessing for the soul. A distinction is made between active and passive regeneration. On the bellicon we can combine both. This is simply sensational and provides added value for us runners.
    ‘fter training, bouncing on the bellicon acts as an oxygen shower and serves to regenerate. This active regenerative recovery moves the muscles with good blood circulation, the lymphatic system is activated and hard calves or severe muscle soreness can be prevented. Metabolic waste products are flushed out, lactic acid is broken down more quickly and fresh nutrients and oxygen are transported to the muscles more quickly.
    Training preparation should not be forgotten either. Just 5 minutes on the bellicon to slowly boost the metabolism is enough to make your training even more efficient. The muscles are less supplied with blood and stiff at the beginning and are therefore more susceptible to injury when immediately subjected to high loads. The joints are lubricated on the bellicon and the gentle increase in body temperature accelerates the metabolic reaction. This makes the muscles more efficient and we are less prone to injuries and strains.
Nicole Hadel running on the mini trampoline.

bellicon – the alternative in winter

Sometimes the weather throws a spanner in the works. You come home in the evening - it's dark, cold and icy. Now you want to go for a run? Better not. But of course that's how you get out of your running routine - or don't get into one in the first place. For basic endurance that needs to last through the winter or on completely rainy and stormy days, the bellicon is ideal.
Your advantages:
  • Regardless of the weather, ice, snow or thunderstorms
  • If you suffer from a pollen allergy, you can avoid itchy eyes, coughing fits and shortness of breath and also train during the pollen season
  • Training is also possible in the evening, in the dark, without stumbling and without a torch
  • There is no risk of injury from cold, slippery conditions or accidents
  • As parents you have no problem supervising children
  • It is a piece of equipment for all the family: for the children to let off steam, refocus concentration, for your partner as a strength training device, OR ingenious partner exercises
  • It does not require additional time (travel)
  • It is available at any time - little space required

Training break due to running injuries? You don't have to give up completely!

The bungee ring trampoline is already a valuable component in therapy practices and rehabilitation clinics. The bouncing and the versatile exercise possibilities are therapeutically enormously effective and offer an optimal supplement for the treatment of injuries. The bellicon can relieve pain and stimulate the healing process with its different modes of action.
After an injury, you can slowly return to training without overloading yourself or the injury - e.g. with hard asphalt. However, please always check with your doctor before returning to your running routine.
Nicole Hadel while running.

The joy of running for your whole life

A recent meta-analysis by the Institute for Health & Sport at Victoria University The overall risk of death is 27% lower in runners than in non-runners, regardless of disease. This result already applies to runners who only run once a week for less than 50 minutes at a speed of up to 8 km/h. The risk of cardiovascular disease is also lower for runners, the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 30% and the risk of cancer can also be reduced by 23%.
So there are a lot of health reasons to start a regular running routine. Here is an overview of other benefits:
  • Running strengthens the heart
    The heart muscle becomes more efficient through running. More blood is pumped into the circulatory system and the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the body's cells increases. The risk of cardiovascular disease decreases accordingly.
  • Running strengthens muscles
    Jogging exercises your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Two thirds of your muscles are used when you run. The positive result: your blood circulation improves, which prevents tension and pain and makes you not only fitter but also much more active and alert.
  • Running improves lung function
    When jogging, you breathe in and out more deeply than when walking normally: As a result, the oxygen supply is better. The more often you exercise, the longer this effect of improved lung function lasts in everyday life.
  • Running strengthens the immune system
    The increased oxygen supply through jogging leads to the formation of more immune cells in your body. Your immune system becomes stronger and can better fight off more diseases and germs. In addition, regular running gets your lymph flow going: waste and harmful substances are flushed out more effectively.
  • Running reduces stress
    Regular running lowers the level of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in the body and increases the production of happiness hormones. After a few sessions you will notice how you feel more relaxed and satisfied after a training session. This effect is enhanced when you jog in nature.
Nicole Hadel in an interview about her running training.


As you can see, running doesn't always have to be monotonous and you don't have to give up your training because an allergy or bad weather tries to stop you! At the same time, variety in addition to 'normal' running is incredibly important to train the whole body and not get disbalances or cramps. You will see: Once you have found your routine, your marathon is not far away!