The beginning

Take a journey with us and discover new beginnings


Get started: healthy living with the mini-trampoline

The Activation and Reactivation Seminars (AREAS) to provide healthy exercise for everyone on mini trampolines were developed.


More bounce and comfort

The new bungee technology with twice the rope length, along with its improved oscillation behavior and simplified suspension system, is patented and launched on the market. Our trampolines can therefore withstand maximum stress and give you that extra bit of comfort and effectiveness for all your exercises.


New projects – tried-and-tested product

Cologne-based VTM GbR merges with Swiss company Rebound Dynamics Europe to form bellicon AG. The subsidiary sales companies ‘bellicon Schweiz AG’ in the Swiss town of Bellikon and ‘bellicon Deutschland GmbH’, based in Cologne, are founded.


bellicon AG

In addition to new optimization approaches for the mini trampoline, a new brand and trademark are also developed. bellicon AG gets its first logo.


Softer, better, stronger or more elastic, better, stronger

The two companies combine their respective expertise in mats and frames to jointly develop the mini trampoline ‘bellicon-Swing’.


More choice, more luxury

The scratch-resistant stainless steel frame gives the bellicon Premium its name and quality.


The country of unlimited possibilities

bellicon USA in Chicago, which acts as an importer for the AG, is founded.


Education starts here

The starting signal of the first trainings is given to combine and offer health and fitness courses.


New directions for bellicon: putting things into motion

The ‘bellicon Plus’ with the T-bar and the ‘hexagonal bellicon’ are launched. At the same time, the bellicon Academy is founded, which provides a platform for us to personally train our trainers to become experts on the bellicon.

The University of Basel is conducting the first study with the mini-trampoline on oxygen uptake in different body types.


bellicon Go Family

The design of the bellicon Go makes it even easier to store your mini-trampoline due to its easy-installation frame.


The new launch

With a dynamic, new look, we want to show the outside world what we stand for at our core: concepts that adapt to you and your needs and offer a contemporary, holistic approach to exercise coaching.

training device

The bellicon

Start getting fit with the bellicon rebounder.

Training platform


Find your perfect workout routine with our training platform.