For long-term health.

For long-term health.

Why is endurance training important?

Cardio exercise has a lot of positive, healthy effects on our body. It can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, for example. These diseases are widespread in our modern world due to frequently unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and other unhealthy lifestyle factors. Regular exercise will help you prevent or alleviate medical conditions in the long term.
A better cardiac output and lung capacity help ensure your heart and lungs function more efficiently. In the long term, this will lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure and will increase your life expectancy.
It’s also possible, of course, to succeed without cardio exercise. However, regular cardio workouts will speed up weight loss many times over, as you will be able to burn extra calories.

Find a workout that’s right for you

  • Low-intensity steady state (LISS):
    The low-intensity steady state (LISS) method is great for beginners because you exercise with a consistent level of effort with a low or moderate degree of intensity. Your heart rate will stay within a range of 60–80% of your peak heart rate for the entire workout session, which lasts approximately 60 minutes. You can exercise in this way several times per week, as your body only needs a short time to recover from the exercise due to the lower stress level.
  • Low-intensity interval training (LIIT):
    LIIT workouts are also good for beginners. These exercises are performed at a moderate pace, which allows you to fully concentrate on how you carry out the exercises. During the low-intensity intervals, you can have a rest. Your pulse should reach a maximum of 70% of your peak heart rate. This is already enough to have a positive effect on your circulation.
  • High-intensity training (HIT):
    Experienced exercisers can really give it their all with this workout. This type of workout uses intense training to push your muscles to the maximum. These workout sessions are a lot shorter due to their high level of intensity, so as little as five minutes can be enough to have a positive effect. You also benefit from an afterburn effect, i.e. an increased metabolic rate after your workout. It’s important to have enough time to rest after your workout in order to really improve, however.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT):
    During a HIIT workout, you alternate exercise and recuperation phases. This results in a highly effective workout that burns fat at an increased rate – even hours after the workout is finished. You should reach a heart rate of 85–100% of your peak heart rate during the exercise phases, and 50% of your peak heart rate during the recuperation phases. Taking breaks is especially important with this workout because of its highly intense nature. Otherwise you can end up overtraining, in which case your fitness level won’t improve any further.

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This is why bellicon training helps:

  • Burn calories
    Since you’re used to having solid ground under your feet, the mini-trampoline’s elastic mat might challenge your body a bit, especially at the beginning of the workout. Right from the start, its job is to keep you balanced, as well as to help you move normally. As a result, this extra exercise automatically makes your workout more effective without you even noticing. This is supported by a study, published in the International Journal of Sports Science, which shows that you can lose more calories and burn more fat rebounding on a mini-trampoline than when jogging.
  • Build up muscles
    The bellicon mini-trampoline helps you shed what you want to get rid of – e.g. fat deposits – but also helps you build up the good stuff: muscles. By alternating muscle contractions and relaxation during cardio exercise, you effectively strengthen your muscles – without damaging them at the cellular level. Your legs might feel tired the next day, but you shouldn’t have any pain in the form of muscle cramps.
  • Easy on the joints
    Thanks to our mini-trampoline’s smooth, gentle bungee suspension system, your rebounding workouts will be easy on your joints. Since you’ll be exercising on a springy surface, there isn’t any abrupt surface contact like there is when jogging or working out on a hard surface.
  • Great for everyday use
    Mini-trampoline workouts are easy to integrate into your daily routine, because just a few minutes on a regular basis can go a long way. Whether you start your workout in the morning after getting up, outside after work come rain or shine, or at home after a night shift, your bellicon is ready when you are. You’ll be able to burn calories effectively without overly taxing your muscles.

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Feel fit and energetic, all the while knowing that you’re also doing something to improve your cardiovascular system in the long term. Once you realize that, your motivation to exercise will come naturally.

  • Focus on carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates give you energy. At the beginning of a workout in particular, the first thing the body does is to fall back on carbohydrate stores. Even if an exercise session is very demanding, carbohydrates stored by the body are its number one source of energy. That’s why it’s important to stock up on carbs before your workout to make it as effective as possible.
  • Sparkling, not still
    After your workout, it’s more important to drink lots of fluids than to satisfy your hunger. If you don’t drink enough (before or after you exercise), your body’s metabolism will slow down and your muscles won’t be supplied with enough nutrients. As a result, they get tired and your fitness level decreases. Mineral water containing sodium and magnesium – or fruit juice spritzers – are the best drinks for keeping active. In this way, you can balance exercise and a healthy diet.

Just 10 minutes a day will improve your well-being and fitness level in the long run.

  • Our unique, mini-trampoline suspension system lets you exercise in a way that's gentle on your body
  • You can achieve quick results regarding your fitness, stamina and posture with just a few minutes a day. Bounce during your lunch break, while watching your favorite TV show, or in-between household chores; the opportunities to work out are endless
  • The relaxed bouncing motion is fun, and releases a full dose of endorphins, which can help you relieve stress in the long term
  • Light but regular exercise helps keep your heart healthy in the long term, and in doing so leads to a long, healthy life
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