Find your power.

Find your power.

Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders...

Strength training is about more than bodybuilding or building muscle mass in a short amount of time. More generally, it means that your muscles will become stronger and therefore more powerful. In everyday situations, well-trained muscles aren’t just a source of strength; they also provide support and energy.
Over the years, especially after the age of 30, we lose 3–5% of our muscle mass per year without proper exercise. To prevent muscle wasting, regular, short exercise sessions and a high-protein diet can help.

5 good reasons to build muscle mass with our mini-trampoline:

  • Holistic workouts
    When you bounce on our mini-trampoline, your body will experience the full spectrum of gravitational pull – from a maximum of four times the earth’s gravity to weightlessness. With the constant change between contraction and relaxation, your muscles will grow effectively and naturally. This effect also acts as a core workout, because your body automatically actives core muscles while bouncing on a pliable surface. Your abdominal and back muscles, as well as your pelvic muscles, will automatically get stronger and more toned.
  • Coordination workout
    The pliable mini-trampoline mat offers a coordination workout alongside building muscle. This results in different changes that occur at the same time: inter- and intramuscular coordination improves as the central nervous system maximizes the control and coordination of each muscle. Reserve energy capacity is built up through a change in metabolism and the number of mitochondria increases to better supply the muscles with energy, making them more efficient.
  • A strong heart
    Rebounding exercise is extremely effective at both increasing your stamina and conditioning muscles at the same time. This is particularly good for your cardiovascular system, which in turn provides your muscles with more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Gentle exercise
    Our unique, ultra elastic bungees ensure gentle movements without overworking your back or your joints.

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Building muscle is about more than just looks.

But an extra boost to your self-confidence doesn’t hurt. Feel fitter and better with these strength training exercises on the mini-trampoline – and let yourself shine.
  • Proteins
    Muscles are made of proteins. That’s why protein is so important for building muscle mass. Protein-rich foods include cheese, lean beef, fish, lentils and nuts.
  • Fruit and vegetables
    Both of these food groups provide your body with different vitamins that will make your whole body healthier – thereby helping build muscle. Bananas, for example, are rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium, and contain amino acids, which are crucial for muscle gain. Carrots contain porphyrin (organic food coloring), which can increase testosterone levels.

Just 10 minutes a day will improve your well-being and fitness level in the long run.

  • Our unique, mini-trampoline suspension system lets you exercise in a way that's gentle on your body
  • You can achieve quick results regarding your fitness, stamina and posture with just a few minutes a day. You can use your lunch break, folding laundry or your favorite TV show as an opportunity to work out
  • The relaxed bouncing motion is fun, and releases a full dose of endorphins, which can help you relieve stress in the long term
  • The versatility of our mini-trampoline makes other accessories for muscle building redundant
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