Sway your stress away.

Sway your stress away.

Don’t underestimate your everyday stress levels...

We’ve all had stressful phases. Maybe they’re caused by too many meetings during the day, an upcoming exam, or an argument with a friend. Stress comes and goes; that’s part of life. But if you’re too stressed for too long, this can have serious consequences for your body and mind.

Too much stress can make you sick

Stress usually causes symptoms like headaches, because your muscles are cramping up – this is a natural reflex by the body as it prepares for an (internal) struggle. In the long term, tension and sore muscles will persist, especially in the neck and back area, which can also manifest as tension headaches.
Sleeplessness and changes in weight can be signs of too much stress. Every person reacts differently to stress. It can lead to uncontrolled weight gain due to “stress eating” or to a complete loss of appetite.
Under stress, our body produces more cortisol and adrenaline. In the short term, the latter can help us focus better, which can be helpful when writing an exam, for example. In the long term, however, overproduction causes brain functions to change. The liver reacts by increasing glucose production to balance your hormones. This can increase the likelihood of developing diabetes.
The body needs to transport more oxygen in stressful situations, so it speeds up our breathing patterns and puts us in an alert fight-or-flight mode. Persistent bad breathing patterns can cause further issues, such as problems concentrating or even digestive disorders. The constant fight-or-flight mode makes it increasingly difficult to calm down. Conscious breathing exercises can help break this cycle.
Our heart also gives the command to pump more blood through the body when we experience stress. Increased blood pressure, combined with stress hormones, has a negative effect on the heart. With time, the risk of heart disease or cardiovascular problems increases, which can ultimately lead to a stroke.
Did you ever have the feeling of a sinking stomach? This can also occur due to stress and can lead to heartburn, constipation or diarrhea.
It’s therefore good to keep focusing on your breathing.
Your breathing patterns help you center yourself, supply your organs with more energy and relax your muscles. This increased oxygen supply literally lets your body breathe a sigh of relief.

How our mini-trampoline can help relieve stress:

  • A strong heart
    Bouncing on the mini-trampoline supports your oxygen supply. This will keep your heart strong and will switch off the hustle and bustle in your mind for a moment.
  • Breathe more freely
    Holistic exercise targets all the muscles in the body. They will be both stimulated and relaxed. This also includes the chest muscles. A study has shown that rebounding exercise on the bellicon trampoline improves breathing regulation. With more controlled breathing, you can help put your body into a calmer state.
  • Good gut feeling
    Energizing your stomach may not sound very enticing if you have digestive problems. But specific movements can act like a massage on our abdominal region. These movements release tension, and digestion starts to function properly again.

Leave stress behind.

A rebounding workout on the bellicon mini-trampoline will make your endorphins jump for joy, and you’ll feel more relaxed, happier and stronger after just a few minutes of bouncing. Incorporate this self-care practice into your life on a daily basis and discover a sense of well-being for your body, mind and soul.

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  • Boost serotonin production
    When we are stressed, our serotonin and dopamine levels drop, which can manifest itself as a bad mood. Different types of food provide us with the necessary resources we need to improve the production of these hormones. These include, above all, proteins found in soy products and meat. Nuts, eggs and fish also provide you with amino acids that your body needs to produce serotonin. You can further support this process with the intake of complex carbohydrates, which can be found in whole grains or rice. You’ll see that a balanced diet provides you with the perfect foundation for increasing serotonin and dopamine.
  • Enjoy your favorite food
    It’s also important to treat yourself once in a while. Eating your favorite food has a relaxing, positive effect, because in doing so you release endorphins. Burgers or chocolate could fall into this category. It’s important that your diet remains balanced, however, otherwise you will be risking other health problems such as intestinal disorders.
  • Regular mealtimes
    Stress often leads to unhealthy eating behaviors. Many of us forget to eat because of stress, while others can’t get enough food – and the greasier and more sugary the better. Eating regular meals helps you get enough nutrition and avoid unnecessary unhealthy snacks in between meals. In this way, you can reduce these side effects of stress and avoid causing any additional stress for yourself due to unwanted weight loss or gain.

Just 10 minutes a day will improve your well-being and fitness level in the long run.

  • Our unique, mini-trampoline suspension system lets you exercise in a way that's gentle on your body
  • You can achieve quick results regarding your fitness, stamina and posture with just a few minutes a day. You can use your lunch break, folding laundry or your favorite TV show as an opportunity to work out
  • The relaxed bouncing motion is fun, and releases a full dose of endorphins, which can help you relieve stress in the long term
  • The fun starts from the very first bounce. Relax by simply bouncing up and down on a bellicon mini-trampoline
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