Osteoporosis – strengthen your bones while having fun.

Osteoporosis – strengthen your bones while having fun.

Decreasing bone density won’t stop you...

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease affecting the bones in which bone density decreases. It mostly affects older people, especially women after menopause. Due to their lower estrogen levels, bone tissue is broken down and the bones are less able to regenerate.
Osteoporosis causes more unstable bones, which is why the risk of injury is significantly higher in those affected. For many patients, this also increases their fear of falling, which often results in uncertainty in everyday life. Possible degenerative changes in the spine worsen the body’s posture and can lead to cramps and severe pain. Avoiding exercise, however, is the wrong approach, because the bones need the pressure created by regular exercise to prevent them from degenerating even further.

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The German association of scientific osteological societies also recommends regular exercise for people with osteoporosis. In their guidelines, they make it clear that improved muscle strength and coordination, as well as improved balance, can help prevent osteoporosis or improve symptoms associated with a pre-existing disease.

Fall prevention for osteoporosis patients

For 12 weeks, the Dove Press journal Clinical Interventions in Aging conducted a study of osteoporosis patients between the ages of 56 and 83. The subjects performed balance strengthening and jumping exercises on a trampoline. The results demonstrate that trampoline training increases mobility, thereby reducing the fear of falling.

3 good reasons to exercise with a mini-trampoline if you have osteoporosis:

  • Increase bone density
    Regular pressure and tensile load during rebounder exercises strengthens the bone metabolism, as well as the entire skeleton.
  • Build muscle
    Muscles support your bones and your posture. Therefore, building muscle will help you stay stable and will improve your balance. Strong muscles act with a tensile force on bones, which are also strengthened as a result.
  • Fall prevention
    Exercising on a mini-trampoline helps improve coordination and balance. This will help you to walk more safely on solid ground in your day-to-day life and to better avoid falling.

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Tripping hazards won’t ruin your daily life if you’re less afraid of falling.
  • Calcium makes you stronger
    Dairy products such as cheese or yogurt provide calcium, a crucial building block for the development of your bones. The absorption of calcium is additionally supported by vitamin D, which you can absorb through sunlight, or which you can also find in different types of fish.
  • Proteins help
    Chicken, tofu, soybeans and almonds contain important proteins needed for bone and muscle growth.
  • Be careful with salt, fat and sugar
    Try to avoid excessive salt, fat and sugar in your diet. This is because they deplete your body of calcium, making it harder for your body to strengthen your bones.

Just 10 minutes a day will improve your well-being and fitness level in the long run.

  • The soft trampoline mat and the suspension system let you exercise in a way that's gentle on your body
  • A few minutes on a regular basis is already a great start. You can use your lunch break, folding laundry or your favorite TV show as an opportunity to work out
  • The relaxed bouncing motion is fun, and releases a full dose of endorphins, which can help you relieve stress in the long term
  • On the bellicon mini-trampoline, you can train your whole body with only one piece of exercise equipment. Improve your strength, coordination and balance all at once
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