Be independent and keep fit – even in old age

Be independent and keep fit – even in old age

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Even today, people underestimate this age-old proverb about life. Exercise is considered the secret weapon for feeling better, living longer and slowing the aging process. Learn here how trampoline training can keep you healthy and agile as you age.

Exercise for seniors – age is only a number

It’s never too late to get fit. We’ll show you why it’s good for your body and your mind to keep moving.

Be safer by taking small steps

Big steps are hard, your feet are difficult to lift, and every bump in the road becomes a tripping hazard. Any kind of assistance is important and appropriate, but it’s hard to have to be dependent on things or other people. You were fine without any help a few years ago... maybe even a few weeks ago.
We can’t promise you that you’ll never have to rely on walkers to get through your daily routine. But even regular, brief mobility exercises and balance exercises with a focus on flexibility are enough to make you feel more confident and comfortable in your everyday life again. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes of targeted training to get your confidence back.
Mobility exercises stretch your muscles and tendons, improving your posture. More flexible calf muscles make it easier to overcome small obstacles in everyday life, which helps you avoid falls. In addition, your blood circulation will be increased, which will lead to improved circulation of nutrients in your body and will make you more agile and more alert.
Balance exercises also contribute to greater safety. This will make it easier for you to prevent injuries caused by falling, as you’ll be able to better control your body and your reaction time will be improved.

Against the signs of time

Maybe your knees have started to crack; maybe it’s more difficult to stand up or sit down – with increasing age, everyday life can bring about a few challenges for you. Osteoporosis, arthritis and various cardiovascular diseases are common side effects of aging. Often, a lack of exercise is a reason for more pain and more problems associated with these conditions. But your bones, tendons and even your heart still want to be put to good use. If you don’t move, your body will break down muscle mass, stamina, and agility because it no longer has to adequately fulfill its assigned roles. However, even short walks or short exercise sessions are enough to remind your body that it’s still needed. Again, the important thing is to be regular with your movement and to enjoy what you’re doing to get moving. Because, when you move, not only will you be able to relieve pain, but you’ll also be able to prevent illnesses and problems from occurring altogether.

You have to be smart about movement

A healthy body is good and nice – really good, even. But what’s a healthy body for if we don’t have a healthy mind? Who hasn’t asked it before? Where are my reading glasses? What am I doing here again? Short-term memory deteriorates. Targeted coordination training helps you maintain your independence and memory. In doing so, you can combine physical and mental training really well. Make a list of things to pack for your next vacation. Try to remember as many of these things as you can while exercising and make a list of them. Not only will you strengthen your muscles, but also your mind.

Which type of exercises are important for seniors?

More than you’d think, maybe. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s always possible to find a type of exercise that will excite you and make it easier to do more for your health. Alone, with a partner or in groups – whatever you enjoy the most is the right thing to do!

Some activities that are particularly suitable for seniors are, for example:

  • Hiking
  • Practical exercise
  • Yoga
  • Dancing

And even trampolin exercises

Trampoline exercises used for movement don’t mean any high jumping, as you might remember it from your youth or from your children and grandchildren. Even casual, light bouncing without leaving the mat, in combination with light exercises, can already have a major impact on your health and fitness. Due to the moving surface, even with little motion, your body undergoes a holistic workout, as it constantly has to coordinate itself. You can exercise at your own pace and in the best way that suits you and your body. From balance to coordination to a healthy heart and healthy bones. If you don’t feel sure of yourself at first, you can use the side handholds to help you keep your balance. This way you can stand safely on the mini-trampoline and, if necessary, hold on to it when getting on and off.
The biggest advantage: You don't need any help to exercise on a bellicon. You’re independently responsible for your health and can exercise on your own at home. To help you out, we offer our online training platform with a wide variety of training videos and instructions. Exercise easily at home. If you prefer to exercise in a group, that’s no problem either – there’s sure to be a trampoline course near you!
We can guarantee one thing for you: There’s no lack of fun – your grandchildren will tell you as much.