bellicon x Shadowboxer - Effective upper body workout on the rebounder

bellicon x Shadowboxer - Effective upper body workout on the rebounder

Do you think that boxing as a form of exercise is only possible in the gym against a punching bag? Or do you believe that boxing is not for you at all, because it is far too aggressive? You might have other reservations about boxing in general. However, one thing is clear; boxing can bring a sense of balance from the stress of everyday life and can help to clear your mind. Experts agree that low-impact mini-trampoline exercise can achieve similar results (and many more) - so why not combine boxing with rebounding? That's exactly what our expert trainer Julia van Kaldekerken did when she developed ‘bellicon meets Shadowboxer’. Let us show you how boxing and trampoline training can work perfectly together to provide exceptional fitness results.

What is Shadowboxer?

The Shadowboxer is a unique set of fitness equipment that provides a fun, high-intensity upper body workout. It consists of several attachments including a waist belt with two connecting tubes with handles. Once securely attached, you can perform a wide variety of resistance-based boxing movements at any desired intensity level. The belt cushions your movements so that you can exercise gently and effectively while simultaneously strengthening your back muscles and improving your flexibility.

Straight from the professionals: Interview with inventor Julia van Kaldekerken

Julia van Kaldekerken is a trained physiotherapist and has been teaching participants on mini-trampolines since 2014. With her years of knowledge and experience, she developed her own Shadowboxer training program based on the principles of interval training.

How did you come up with the idea to combine trampoline exercise with boxing?

Trampoline exercise typically focuses on the core and lower body muscles. So, I wanted to find something to incorporate into bellicon training that emphasizes upper body strengthening as well. At one point I was teaching fitness classes at a boxing studio and this is where I was inspired to try combining the two exercises. With a mini-trampoline and the Shadowboxer Fitness Set, you can train all five motor skills that are important for a healthy body: Endurance, Strength, Speed, Agility and Coordination. It was then that the idea was born and I started to develop the concept.

What did this development process look like?

It took about a year to develop the necessary concepts to combine boxing into the bellicon workout. Because I find interval training highly effective, and I am also passionate about it, it was clear to me from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate it into the concept. After many attempts, I finally put together a cohesive training routine and combined it with motivating and entertaining music in order to maximize the fun factor of the workout. Then everything was ready and I just had to present the concept to the world – participants were enthusiastic and hooked right from the start!

What are the advantages of the Shadowboxer belt?

The belt takes on the role of a stabilising element during workouts on the pliable surface of the bellicon. It cushions and gently absorbs the movements. The tubes are the heart of the belt. They provide resistance for all upper body movements. The more energy you put into it and the more dynamic the movements, the greater the resistance and the greater the training effect. It was important to me to develop it in such a way that everyone can control how intense the training should be. This way the workout is customized to one's own abilities and the Shadowboxer can be used by beginners and advanced athletes alike.

What does a Shadowboxer workout look like?

The training starts with a warm up, which consists of initializing your mobility and stimulating cardiovascular activity. In the primary segment, we build up to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The intervals allow you to work at your individual limit of exertion, which is then extended further and further through regular training. In this way, well-known step combinations on the bellicon can be combined with boxing elements – either in a free-form manner or with one of our Shadowboxer workout videos. This is a truly a full-body workout. When boxing on the bellicon, you’re not just focusing on your arms and legs, you're also conditioning your entire body while challenging your overall endurance. In addition, there are functional strength exercises to strengthen the arm and torso muscles even further in a more targeted way. The workout ends with a cool down and stretching session to properly regenerate.

What has your experience been like with the training concept?

The response has been really great! It has been shown that the concept can be used very well one-on-one as well as with homogeneous and non-homogeneous training groups. This is especially important when working in group fitness. The tubes help to guide the movements and virtually eliminate excess strain. And thanks to the interval method, the improvements are quickly noticeable and provide additional motivation during training. Thanks to the individual training within the group, the participants can motivate each other and moving to the music is simply a lot of fun together.

Who is Shadowboxer suitable for?

Shadowboxer is suitable for all fitness levels, as the exercises can be intensified or scaled down so that everyone reaches their individual limits. Different body types were taken into consideration when designing the Shadowboxer, which is why it is suitable for abdominal circumferences from 26 to 44 inches (68 to 110 cm). Only pregnant women should refrain from this training.

Do I really have to know how to box?

Traditional boxing experience is not required. The tubes provide excellent guidance. This means that you not only train effectively, but also avoid overstretching your joints. It is therefore a highly effective and safe training.
Customer testimonial:
I absolutely love shadow boxing! Thanks for introducing me to this Julia. I have only been doing this workout for a few weeks and can already notice a difference in my arms and shoulders! Valerie H.