Good reasons for a bellicon - your guide

Good reasons for a bellicon - your guide

What's so great about mini-trampoline exercise?

The fitness and health industry is huge, which is why we are constantly being bombarded with suggestions for different kinds of workouts, exercises, and fitness equipment. For people unfamiliar with mini-trampoline exercise, known as "rebounding", they wonder how it compares with other, better-known forms of exercise like running, cycling, etc. It's the kind of question we get daily at bellicon. So, in a nutshell, if someone asks, "what's so great about rebounding?" the answer is: "just about everything."

Bouncing converts gravitation into fitness

Rebounding is a unique form of exercise in that it uses the muscular engagement and gravitational changes produced by bouncing to provide an exceptional, full-body workout. What makes it so effective is that our body thrives on the kind of gravitational changes it produces. And it's not just our fitness that benefits, but also the multitude of systems in our body that maintain our health and well-being.

Some of the benefits of mini-trampoline exercise:

  • Unequaled cardiovascular benefits (Rebounding has been proven to increase cardio fitness twice as fast as running): improves endurance and overall fitness; greatly accelerates fat-burning for weight control; strengthens the heart; reduces stress; improves sleep patterns; helps prevent or control diabetes; enhances mood, cognitive abilities, and creative thinking; increases longevity and overall quality of life.
  • Full-body muscular engagement: improves muscular strength and tone throughout the body, accelerating fat-burning and dramatically increasing vertical jumping ability.
  • Vertical, weight-bearing exercise: strengthens bones and fights osteoporosis and osteopenia.
  • Pliable exercise surface: dramatically improves balance and proprioception even for people with challenges in these areas.
  • Extremely low-impact: protects and conditions joints, discs, and vertebrae; combats osteoarthritis through gentle conditioning. Allows people of all ages to enjoy the benefits without short or long-term problems associated with most full-body exercises, particularly with the bellicon, which has exceptionally low impact, even compared with other rebounders.
  • Targeted core strength: enhances athletic abilities; adds support to the muscles, discs, and vertebrae of the back.
  • Unique gravitational effects (bouncing alternates between multiple G-forces and zero gravity): dramatically increases lymphatic flow and significantly improves the immune system's ability to flush toxins, bacteria, and dead cells from the body, fighting illness and disease; bolsters the digestive process.

Mini-trampoline exercise is incredibly efficient

Rebounding is not only effective, it's also so efficient that it can significantly improve fitness in just minutes a week. This was demonstrated in an eight-week study published in the German Journal of Sports Medicine (Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin). The participants in the study performed 19-minute workouts three times a week, for a weekly total of just 57 minutes, which is slightly more than one-third of the 150 minutes per week recommended by the American Heart Association. However, rebounding is so efficient that even with so little exercise, "significant improvements were found in aerobic capacity," and body fat was reduced by an impressive 5.4%…which is a lot of bang for your bounce.

Rebounding exercise is fun

When you enjoy your workout, it's so much easier to keep in shape. Bouncing is naturally fun (something that any parent who's tried to get their kids off of a trampoline know). This "enjoyability factor" is particularly important for people trying to get back into the habit of regular exercise.

What makes the bellicon the world's best mini-trampoline?

For nineteen years, bellicon has been perfecting rebounding design and performance, which is why our fitness trampoline continues to be the world's standard of excellence.

The bellicon bungee: custom-formulated latex, customized bounce

A mini-trampoline is only as good as its bounce. The bellicon was the first mini-trampoline to use bungee cords for suspension, creating a bounce performance that's not just quiet, but smoother, deeper and gentler on joints than spring rebounders or other bungee-based mini-trampoline brands.
Unlike rebounders that use standard bungees, the bellicon bungee is made with our own custom-formulated synthetic latex (we've aligned the molecules to be ultra-elastic), which is why the bellicon's performance is so much smoother. Our bungee design doesn't just make every bounce more enjoyable; it also engages muscles more effectively, making every exercise more productive.
The bellicon is also the only mini-trampoline that offers multiple bungee strengths, which is hugely important. (A person weighing 90lbs isn't going to have a great experience on a trampoline designed to accommodate someone weighing 300lbs, and visa versa, a fact that other manufacturers fail to understand.) Offering five different resistance strengths allows everyone to get the ideal bounce for their weight and workout style.

German-engineered quality

Beautifully designed, industrial-strength German-engineered steel frame with a lifetime warranty. It's also exceptionally sturdy but surprisingly light, so it's easy to carry and stow when not in use. The jumping surface is made of woven polypropylene that provides comfort and security and, being UV and weather-resistant, allows the bellicon to be safely used outdoors.

The most extensive selection of models, sizes, and accessories

To provide each customer with their ideal rebounder, we offer the bellicon in far more varieties and configurations than any other brand.
We offer three different frame sizes to fit you and your available space, with a choice of two frame finishes: classic black or stainless steel. For added convenience and portability, we offer the option of adding folding-legs, which makes it quick and easy to stow your bellicon in a closet or under a bed. There are also two options for jumping mats: our standard mat or the "comfort mat," which has a padded extension that makes exercises that require lying on the bellicon even more enjoyable. Any rebounder can be accessorized with side support handles or a "T-bar" accessory, providing increased stability and security for anyone who needs it. The bellicon also comes in a huge variety of color combinations to fit individual tastes and decor.

The bellicon has taken the world's best exercise and made it even better

The secret to staying fit is finding a workout you love to do, and the bellicon excels at bringing joy back to fitness. So whether you're a world-class athlete or just looking to get that "bounce" back in your life, the bellicon can elevate your health and fitness to all new levels.
The unique bellicon rebounder perfectly combines the world's best mini-trampoline performance, extraordinary benefits, convenience, and fun. Add to that our high-quality components and fully-customizable design, and it's no surprise that the bellicon is the world's premier fitness trampoline. There's just nothing else like it.

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