bellicon Configuration: Guide to effortlessly build your bellicon.

bellicon Configuration: Guide to effortlessly build your bellicon.

Do you want to configure your bellicon, but are not sure which model best suits your needs?
Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this. We understand that the configuration of the bellicon mini trampoline can raise some questions. To help you build the best bellicon for your needs, we have created a series of 6 short, descriptive videos.
In this video series, Jonas provides you with valuable information about each bellicon component that will help you put together your perfect rebounder.
Use this article as an aid while you build your bellicon. It guides you step-by-step through the configuration process and provides you with helpful information when choosing each bellicon component.

Folding legs vs. screw-on legs: decide how your rebounder stands!

Do you want your bellicon to stand permanently in a fixed place or do you want it as space-saving as possible after training?
Screw-on legs are ideal if you have a fixed location for your bellicon at home. If you don't want your bellicon to stand permanently in your home, we recommend the folding legs. This allows you to store the mini trampoline anywhere you want in a matter of seconds after your workout.

Support handles: power jumping vs. safety and stability.

Do you want to use your bellicon for intensive jumping and cardio exercises or do you prefer a workout with a lot of safety and stability?
For the former, we recommend a T-bar. It offers you maximum flexibility when performing intensive bellicon jumping exercises. However, if you feel partially insecure while training on the mini trampoline, the side support handle is perfect for you. During training, as well as when getting on and off, the support handle serves as a balance aid and offers you the necessary hold.

bellicon configuration made easy

Assemble your bellicon right now with the help of our guide.

Standard vs. Comfort: choose the mat that meets your needs.

Do you go for the standard or do you prefer extra comfort during your workout?
The difference between the two types of mats is that the comfort mat offers you an extra padded mat edge and 30% more training surface for horizontal exercise compared to the standard mat. This ensures that you can perform workouts in a lying position even more comfortably.
To be clear, the comfort mat only adds extra training surface while sitting or lying down on the mat for exercise. While on your feet, the standard and comfort mats have the same jumping area and material within the jumping space.

The frame makes the difference: The ideal frame size for your trampoline training.

When choosing the frame size, the question arises how intensive you want your training to be on the bellicon.
Our configurator offers you the choice between three different frame sizes. In the following short video, all features, advantages and disadvantages of each of the three models are addressed. Check it out to find out which frame size is best for you and your training preferences.

bellicon Bungees: elastic, easy on the joints, individually configurable - the heart of your bellicon training.

How effective do you want your training to be? Do you prefer a soft or rather firm surface tension while training on your rebounder?
Knowledge of these and other factors such as body weight, training goals, and possible health conditions will help you determine which bungee strength is right for you.

Jonas explains how to choose the bungee strength for you and what the colorful metal clips on each rope ring are all about right here.

How do you want your bellicon delivered?

Support our sustainability initiatives by assembling your bellicon at home or order your bellicon conveniently pre-assembled by our team for an additional fee. The fee includes assembly and additional shipping costs associated with larger package deliveries.
Self-Assemble: Support sustainabiliy efforts with less packaging and CO2 emissions! Receive your bellicon in a compact package for easy self-assembly. After just a few assembly steps you will be ready to bounce. The assembly tool is included inside the box.
Assembled: For an additional fee our team will custom assemble, pack and ship your bellicon. All you have to do is unpack it and get started. Good to know: This is a larger item delivery and packaging may need to be broken down for proper disposal.

Do you have any further questions?

We hope that you were able to successfully configure your bellicon with the help of this article and that you will soon be able to start training on your rebounder. If you still have questions or need support, don't hesitate to contact us . We are always here to assist you with your bellicon experience.
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