Lo Rox bellicon rebounder

Your start to live an aligned life.

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Lo Rox Aligned Rebounder by Lauren Roxburgh

A bellicon workout is quite possibly the best exercise in the world for your lymphatic system and the Lo Rox Aligned Rebounder is her favorite way to break a sweat! She designed her signature bellicon to be the perfect size and resistance so you will get the most from your workout.

Lauren Roxburgh's Signature bellicon Specifications

  • bellicon frame (three-part frame, black powder-coated paint)
  • Size: 44″ (frame diameter)
  • Screw-on or Folding Legs
  • Comfort Mat (padded jumping perimeter)
  • Mat Trim Color: Turquoise

Good to know

How to choose your bungee strength

The bungee strength is based off of the primary user of the bellicon’s weight. Here’s a basic guideline to selecting the best bungee strength for you:

< 80lbs: Soft bungees
81-130 lbs: Medium bungees
131-200 lbs: Strong bungees
201-280 lbs: Extra Strong bungees
281-440 lbs: Ultra bungees

About Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren is an internationally renowned wellness expert and educator. She has worked with many of the top sports stars, celebrities and orthopedic surgeons in the world and is the author of 2 best selling books TALLER SLIMMER YOUNGER and THE POWER SOURCE. Lauren created the Lo Rox line of products which she incorporates in her Aligned Life Method, a 3-dimensional approach that focuses on alignment, fascia and intrinsic muscles to achieve true wellbeing which she defines as not just having a stunning, healthy and resilient physique but also having a calm mindset and a joyful approach to life. She is a board certified Structural Integration practitioner with a degree in nutrition and exercise science and certifications in personal training, Pilates and yoga.