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A black and gray bellicon® mini trampoline with a script 'we bring out the champion in you' above it

Become as fit as your favourite sports star

The world’s best full-body workout

Whether you’re preparing for the next world title bout or are looking to get on top of life’s challenges, a bellicon® is the ideal launch pad.

Rebounding is the low-impact exercise that raises the bar for full-body workouts. It tones muscles, increases stamina, builds strength and enhances flexibility – all while gently lubricating joints as well as improving bone density, balance and coordination. The bellicon® will put you among the fitness heavyweights. Why not get in the ring and try it for yourself?

A six minute power sculpting video on the bellicon® by Remy Draaijer, video play symbol

A six minute power sculpting video on the bellicon® by Remy Draaijer

Taking the gloves off

Professional boxer Darren Barker recommends bellicon®, video play symbol

Darren Barker won the International Boxing Federation world middleweight title by training on a bellicon®

Looking for an edge that the punching bag couldn’t give him, boxer Darren Barker got on a bellicon®.

Boxing is the definition of tough – it pushes the limits of strength, agility, speed and endurance. So when a fighter turned to the bellicon®, no one could doubt the serious side to the light-hearted fun of rebounding. That boxer was Darren Barker. After failing to win the middleweight title in October 2011, he and his coach, Wayne Leal, decided to break with the centuries-old training methods of running miles and skipping rope. They reasoned that the 21st century must have something new to offer. And it does – the bellicon®.

Along with yoga and pilates, Darren began rebounding. And this wasn’t just a shot in the dark. Thanks to the unique bungee suspension system on the bellicon®, all 638 muscles in your body engage while you’re bouncing. The result is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than running or skipping. And it’s gentle on vulnerable joints and cartilage. As Wayne Leal said in an interview with the BBC, “It’s literally taking what boxers normally do and turning it upside down.”

The decision to mix things up paid off for Darren when, on 17 August 2013, he claimed one of sport’s most coveted titles as IBF world middleweight champion.

Experience the remarkable benefits of the bellicon® for yourself

Treating your health with the gravity it deserves

From zero to four times g-force with every bounce

A graphic representation of the downward force exerted on the body when exercising on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Bouncing on a bellicon® is so gentle you might not realise that your body is experiencing up to four-times normal g-force – just what bones need to grow strong.

An athletic young man bounding on a bellicon® mini trampolin

Rebounding is a better workout than jogging, weight training or isometric exercise. For many people, this is as much of a surprise as it was to the NASA scientists who first proved it. But the explanation is simple. Your body is designed to work against gravity and bouncing is the best way to harness this force to build a strong, healthy body.

At bellicon, we’ve spent almost twenty years advancing rebounder performance. That includes refining our unique bungee suspension system, which maximises the benefits of each bounce while minimising stress and strain on your joints and vertebrae. The result is a mini trampoline that uses just the right amount of gravitational resistance to improve your fitness and health. With each bounce, your body is subject to weightlessness followed by between two and four times normal g-force. This powerful interplay works every muscle in your body as well as your cardiovascular, skeletal and lymphatic systems. That’s what we call harnessing a force of nature to give you the best all-round workout on the planet.

A whole lot more health

The effects of regular exercise are more than skin deep. While no one’s complaining about the great physique you’ll get from working out, the health benefits of rebounding go far beyond that. The bellicon® stimulates biological functions in a way absent from modern life. Consistent use of your mini trampoline will have a profoundly beneficial impact on many aspects of your health, including:

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