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Everyone should own a bellicon
Angie Davidson on Facebook 21.12.2017
Everyone should own a bellicon
It's a perfect way to exercise for everyone - no matter what age they are. My shape has changed - particularly my legs/butt/stomach which all toned up. My core is also much better, I am very stable now which has to be of great benefit as I age. Bellicon does exactly what it promises - improvement all round in general health and fitness. If you're concerned about the cost don't be. It is an investment, but the difference between a bellicon and other rebounders is immense.
Fitter in just one week
Derek Mathias 06.11.2015
It is so enjoyable to use. I have back problems and need to keep supple. Jogging and jumping to my favorite music half an hour a day makes me feel so happy. I feel so much fitter even in a week.
bellicon® - the number one rebounder for me

"My dream came true! I received the bellicon® sometime before. I tried to jump – how wonderful. It feels so great! The bellicon® is the number one rebounder all over the world! I think that it was good that I had chosen your product."

It is waaaaayyyy better than we had even dreamed!
Donna Walker 17.03.2015

"We set up our bellicon® this weekend and it is waaaaayyyy better than we had even dreamed!! :-) We had a houseful of friends staying over and they all loved it! From the way it is packaged to the sturdiness of the engineering, and the gentle fun of the bounce."

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The exercise on the bellicon® does something different
Max Rankin 02.03.2015
My bellicon® rebounder arrived today, and it is excellent. The bounce seems to be longer top to bottom (with my feet just leaving the trampoline) than I could achieve on my previous spring rebounder while bouncing way off the surface, and it's much smoother, quieter and more robust.
Perfect training whilst pregnant
Shireen Armstrong 26.04.2015

"I love the bellicon®. I used to run every day for an hour, and then I got pregant! I couldn't run whilst pregnant, and have only just started to go back to some form of exercise. I needed something that I could do indoors, everyday, regardless of the weather. The bellicon® is perfect for this.

I put on all my old music and rebound away! I do about ½ hour and although I don't get the same levels of exertion as I used to from running, it is much gentler on my body, and I do feel as though I am getting a good workout. It is fantastic for my abdominal core muscles. I am having a great time with the bellicon®, and can't wait for my son to get good at it - I regard it as a beneficial workout for him, as it really helps his development of balance.

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to in order to get this rebounder to me - you really did go the extra mile for me, and I am truly grateful to you for helping me out. You were so honest, which is such a refreshing change. You gave me great advice and answered all my queries so comprehensively, - and patiently!

Thank you very very much."

I’m still enthusiastic after several weeks
Silvia Steinsberger 08.04.2015

"I’m very satisfied, it is still thrilling after many weeks and my wishes were met in a friendly, competent and speedy manner. Service is fast and correct; the bellicon® is a lot of fun and so gentle that even people like me with quite a lot of excess weight gladly use it. Although a large bust size would normally make it painful to bounce and swing, it is not a problem on a bellicon. Whatever exercise I chose, it’s pain free."

The bellicon® is an outstanding product
Jacob Raavig 27.03.2015

"I picked up the bellicon® today and have just tested it on my own. What a fantastic experience - I must say that I am really impressed! The bellicon® is an outstanding product and not comparable to any minitrampolin that I ever tested before."

The bellicon® makes you happy and left wanting more
Gislinde Heuer

"The bellicon® rebounder makes you happy and left wanting more. I use it about 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for longer and especially with music. In the beginning it was a little bit difficult. For about 3 weeks I could only go on the minitrampoline for a short period of time as it then made me feel a little unwell and dizzy.

My perseverance has paid off though as my back pain in the iliosacral joint areas have almost completely disappeared. The purchase of a bellicon® trampoline was a good investment and I would gladly recommend it to others."

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Help with lymphatic blockages and fibromyalgia
Sabine Heinermann 23.12.2014
Today I would like to let you know how I feel about my bellicon® rebounder! Really: very little effort, great results! For 2 ½ months now, I have been using my bellicon® 2 – 3 times a day for 5 minutes at a time. It started to have effect immediately as my legs, which were quite swollen due to a lymphatic blockage, became slim again after the first day of bouncing.

The pains in my back and legs that always appear due to my fibromyalgia were almost nonexistent due to bouncing on the bellicon® minitrampoline. At the moment I’m almost pain free!