Certified course in:
D-35781 Weilburg
D-51063 Köln

06. - 07.08.16 (Luzern)
06. - 07.08.16 (Köln)
10. - 11.09.16 (Luzern)
17. - 18.09.16 (Weilburg)
08. - 09.10.16 (Luzern)
05. - 06.11.16 (Luzern)
19. - 20.11.16 (Weilburg)
10. - 11.12.16 (Weilburg)

2 days total 18 hours

net. EUR 399.-
or CHF 450.-

The bellicon Basic course serves as the basis for further education at the bellicon Academy. The basic course covers primary exercises on the bellicon® as well as the basics of anatomy, physiology and principles of coaching. In the practical part of the course the emphasis is placed on the correct implementation of the exercises as well how to convey a training. Additionally you will be introduced to the other distinct bellicon training concepts and specialization courses. Upon successful completion of the Basic course you are eligible to attend any, or if so desired, all of the specialization courses.

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Individual criteria

This course is open to all interested candidates. Previous experience gained on a bellicon® or as a coach or group fitness trainer is advantageous but not required. Basic anatomical knowledge serves to better understand the theoretical content covered in the course. We also recommend participating in a first aid course.

Course content

  • The bellicon® and its qualities
  • Introduction to bellicon Training
  • Communication
  • Anatomy und Physiology
  • Music tuition
  • Training structure and organisation
  • Numerous practical applications to the respective theoretical content
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  • Theoretical content
  • Practical Basic exam


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