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trampoline training with lipedema


Lipoedema (Lipedema) is a chronic disease that primarily affects women. A fat distribution disorder leads to a local increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue, usually in the legs or, more rarely, in the arms. The severity of the symptoms affects everyone individually. Typical signs of lipoedema, especially in the legs, are as follows:

  • Uneven proportions of the torso and legs

  • Orange peel skin or dents in the skin with nodules forming under the skin

  • Strong feelings of tension

  • Symmetrical and often spontaneous increase in volume on both legs

  • Rapidly and easily appearing haematomas, spider veins and bruises

  • Painful to touch and/or pressure pain

Lymphoedema, on the other hand, is caused by a disturbance in the natural flow of lymph and can occur on one side only.


Sport against lipoedema

Because it is a chronic disease, lipoedema cannot be cured. However, there are many things that can be done to reduce water retention and pain. A first step is certainly wearing compression stockings or manual lymphatic drainage. Since those affected by the disease need custom-made compression care, they should always talk to their doctor first about this.

Even if it is difficult: Exercise! Regular sport and exercise can slow down the progression of lipoedema and relieve the pain. Often, those affected are also very overweight, which can of course also be counteracted by regular exercise. Especially sports that are easy on the joints, such as swimming or cycling, are beneficial.  For many people, however, swimming is a big effort.

So why not train from home?

The bellicon® mini trampoline offers a variety of training and application possibilities. Due to the harmonious oscillations and the flexible mat, it is not only easy on the joints and a full-body workout, it also stimulates the lymph flow and has been proven to reduce the symptoms of lipoedema.

Studies show that training on a mini trampoline stimulates fat burning significantly more than the average jog does. Training with the bellicon® not only gives you back the feeling of lightness and freedom, it is also a lot of fun and a real happiness hormone generator! Regular training not only improves your mood, but also your psyche and self-confidence!

Interview with a lipoedema sufferer - Tina, tell us about it...

Tina Schwarz

We talked to Tina Schwarz. She has been affected by lipoedema and lymphoedema for years and used to struggle with being overweight. She is open about these "special effects", as she calls them, on her homepage and on social media (@lipoedem_talk), gives coaching sessions and has her own podcast and YouTube channel, with which she wants to encourage others who are also affected. As a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach for lipoedema sufferers, she not only wants to raise awareness of the disease and share her experiences, but also show how to live happily with it. Her goal: to help as many sufferers as possible to lose weight, to show them how they can live an "easier" life with or despite lipoedema. Tina recently completed the bellicon trainer training in order to be able to better instruct women with lipoedema. In this interview she tells us about her experiences.

Tina, in your blog and your podcast Lipoedema Talk you talk about lipoedema in all its forms and give many tips on nutrition, fashion and sports. Recently you have become more interested in the bellicon® mini trampoline. How did you become aware of bellicon?

At an event presenting various fitness equipment, I was asked if I would like to try out the bellicon®. I stood on it, rather disinterested and without expectations. Next to it was one with metal springs for comparison. So I went down again and thought: "Hey, it's a difference like night and day! I still have the video of it today! I actually just bounced a little bit and thought: "Wow, that feels really nice! Then I tried out a few models on site and put one together for myself and a few days later I had it at home. I used it a lot in the beginning and then at some point I ran out of ideas and it just stood around. Then, through one of my coaching participants, I started to use my bellicon again together with her. And now there are almost 20 of us every Thursday who jump together regularly. 

Have you noticed any positive health aspects for yourself since you started using the bellicon®? 

Well, I have always been a very athletic person who has a lot of fun with sports. But with my maximum weight of 110 kg, the lipoedema made it too unpleasant at some point. I only did cycling and swimming, but swimming while being so overweight was unpleasant, and in the long run you don't feel well at all. That's why I've always looked for other sports equipment. I didn't buy the bellicon® primarily because of the lipoedema, but because it was incredibly fun. But I can definitely confirm that many in my class notice that the water, i.e. the circumferences in the legs, can be reduced. Sometimes it can be up to 2 cm less in the legs. A lot is happening in the body.

Sport despite lipoedema

You did an online bellicon jumping training as a trainer with us: How was your experience?

A trainer's licence at the bellicon Academy was not the plan from the beginning. But for me it was interesting to know what really happens in the body, how to execute the steps correctly, what is the correct posture and what exactly do I have to pay attention to? Of course I not only wanted to do this out of my own interest, but also for my coaching participants, so that they know that I really know what I'm talking about. 

Because of the current pandemic situation, I took the training licence all online. What I really liked about it was that I could set and manage the time myself. I gritted my teeth and did it in a short time. 

I completed the trainer's licence in about 4 weeks and practised almost every day for an hour. I noticed how much fitter I had become in that time and that my strength and stamina were coming back. Balance is an issue for many people who are overweight, and it's harder to get up from the knees, and that gets much better with the training. 

I already told you that I always meet with the girls on Thursdays but now I lead our class there. Because as an amateur you run out of ideas at some point and because I have my trainer's licence, I can always come up with new ideas and exercises in my classes. Soon there will also be health training, where I will also learn which exercises I can offer and show, where you can simply activate and support the lymphatic drainage even more. I definitely want to add that!

How do you go about giving bellicon courses for people with lipoedema? Are there any things you have to keep in mind? 

In my classes, everyone has lipoedema or lymphoedema, or a mixed form. Almost all of them are also overweight. So together we can also burn calories. (laughs) We all have our watches on and then we compare at the end: "And how many did you burn?"

In some exercises I easily burn 620 calories in 50 minutes. That's really crazy and of course the girls notice that and think: "Cool, I have lost weight again. Another kilo gone!" And that's cool, of course, when there's a side effect like that when it’s so much fun in the first place! The exercises I do are different to a classic jumping workout. Because many of them also have lipoedema and weight issues and therefore find it difficult to build up the speed on the trampoline like in a classic workout. So we do a calmer training and I always show one easy and one difficult variation. Everyone should do it at their own pace, but everyone should always make sure that the exercises are performed cleanly. That way, the exercises can be done more intensively, the girls always notice that.

I always try to do a mixture of many things. So we do strength training exercises, abdominal exercises or balance exercises - I always try to incorporate a bit of everything. But I always have a focus: either cardio or strength, but there's always a little bit as well from the other. This way everyone always gets their money's worth, because there's always something for everyone.

Activate the lymphatic flow with the trampoline

Which bellicon exercises do you recommend to your participants in your courses? 

There is no such thing as the perfect sport for lipoedema sufferers. I think that everyone has to find their own sport that they enjoy. When doing exercises or jumping directly on the floor, many people quickly feel pain. But thanks to the elastic mat of the bellicon® we can do all exercises pain-free and without any problems - even jumping exercises!

Have you already received feedback from participants who have taken part in a bellicon training?

My course participants are all totally happy. After a few weeks of training, many of them have switched from a cheaper model to a bellicon®. And they all say that it is a difference like day and night and simply a completely different training feeling. I can only recommend everyone to really invest the money and not to train with the cheap models with steel springs.

Living with lipoedema

What are your next plans, do you already have new projects planned with bellicon? 

The Curvy Women's Day was actually planned to take place in person, but due to the Corona situation we will now hold the whole thing online. I will prepare a few exercise videos and conduct a few interviews on frequently asked questions. Otherwise, we’ll see what other requests come in now that I have the trainer's licence. I'm really looking forward to it!

Interview with Tina Schwarz and Lisa Escartin


bellicon Minitrampoline

So, do you feel like really getting started? Then configure your bellicon® mini trampoline today! If you are unsure or still have questions, you will certainly find what you are looking for here or feel free to contact us at any time!

Training with lipoedema at home

You already have a bellicon® at home, but you don't quite know which exercises suit you? Then our training platform bellicon Home could be the right thing for you. Here you will find a constantly growing range of training videos in different intensities and different focuses. You can easily put together your own training plan with your favourite trainers and videos - try it out! 

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