improve your balance on the bellicon® rebounder

No matter how old you are, training on the bellicon® rebounder will improve your balance. And not only that, your whole body will be activated. A better sense of balance improves resilience in everyday life and helps to prevent injuries, for example from falling or lack of physical coordination.

Balance and coordination exercises

Balance and coordination exercises

  • With the bellicon® you train all your senses, muscles and reflexes and improve stability and strength

  • The inner ear and cerebellum work at every jump and instruct your muscles to stabilize you

  • When bouncing and jumping on the mini trampoline, the body keeps itself in balance, without you having to make any effort

  • A large part of the effects takes place unconsciously in your body

Training on the bellicon® strengthens 656 muscles in your body. In particular those in your legs, hips, torso and upper body. It's no coincidence that these muscles are important for a balanced body. In addition, the gentle bellicon® workout prevents overloading your joints and muscles.

What experts say

Paul Kaye Rebound Therapy UK

Paul Kaye, consultant at Rebound Therapy UK

"We have found a number of advantages of the bellicon®, such as improving the balance, creating muscle mass, relaxation, improving motor skills and fitness."

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Ideal training for seniors


The perfect choice for seniors

  • Moving on the bellicon® mini trampoline improves your balance and coordination
  • Effective training of the intervertebral discs and joints ensures that they remain supple
  • Being active keeps the bones strong, which reduces the risk of fractures
  • To keep moving reduces the risk of certain age-related diseases

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What customers say


'It makes me happy'

"This is a great trampoline! I've been doing it for half a year now, 2x a week half an hour of practice. It makes you happy. You don't have to jump that high, but the movement itself is enough. You are challenged to get your balance right, by all kinds of coordination exercises. I also do running and yoga and you can do fantastic exercises on the bellicon to stretch and cool down. Even if you have an injury, you can almost always use the bellicon to recover. My husband has started using it now and with enthusiasm. We use youtube on the TV to practise while listening to music."

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Balance is mostly a matter of brain over muscle. The cerebellum, the area of your brain responsible for motor control, gets more effective  when it’s challenged. So the more you use the bellicon® rebounder, the better your balance gets. Though this process can be gradual, improved posture and stability are some of the great benefits you’ll appreciate every day from using a bellicon®.

Since the cerebellum is also engaged in several higher functions and cognitive activities, stimulating it through exercise is really training your brain in other areas as well. According to Dr. Irvine Mason from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, an enhanced sense of balance speeds up brain reaction times and improves concentration and cognitive skills such as reading, writing and comprehension. So to boost mental fitness right along with the physical, bring on the bellicon®!

(QUICK TIP: To help maintain your balance and posture while bouncing, choose an object across the room, one that’s level with your head, and keep your eyes focused on it.)

Balance training for the brain

bounce safely on the bellicon®

Doctors often see patients who have been injured because they fell. In many cases, this fall could have been prevented. If you have a better developed sense of balance, combined with more strength in your legs, you are prepared for a transgression. At home for example or when it is slippery outside.

The bellicon® rebounder is an effective means to prevent you from falling. We advise you to use the bellicon® barefoot. The advantage is that you immediately notice if you get too far on the edge of the mat. Of course you don't necessarily have to: if you have problems with your feet or heels, it is better to wear shoes. This is also safer for beginners on the bellicon®.

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The truth is, there’s no equality with equilibrium: everyone’s sense of balance is different. However, anyone’s balance can be improved…as long as they are willing to take that first step. For anyone looking for some added stability, we offer support bars made of the same heavy gauge steel used in the bellicon® frames. Available individually or in pairs, they ensure that even if your balance, health or strength is compromised, you can still enjoy all the advantages of exercising on a bellicon®.

Bring your life, health and fitness into balance today with bellicon® - the world’s best rebounder.

Balance training for seniors
'For my sport, a good sense of balance and coordination is important. I can train this very well on the bellicon® mini trampoline.'
Gregor Stähli, former bobsleigh skeleton world champion
Expertenstimme Gregor Stähli

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great BELLICON® workouts TO IMPROVE YOUR balance

Balance and low-impact training

Balance and low-impact training

Balance and coordination exercises

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon

Introduction to rebounding

Introduction to rebounding


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself:

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