stay flexible with the bellicon® rebounder

Are you a sports fanatic? Or do you like to exercise just for pleasure? In both cases a warming-up is essential. Do it on the bellicon® rebounder and you move your body safely and without injuries. A gentle warm-up on a bellicon® not only loosens muscles, joints, and cartilage, but also lubricates discs and vertebrae - giving you a wider range of motion

Flexibility exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline

Flexibility exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline

  • The soft load during bouncing on the bellicon® improves the elasticity of the connective tissue and muscles
  • Healthy movement ensures supple joints, spine and muscles, which is important for injury prevention
  • The variety of exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline ensure that you will never get bored

Since most exercises on a bellicon® involve moving your arms and legs in opposite directions or twisting your torso, you’ll be stretching your core muscles from abdominals to chest and strengthening them at the same time.

What experts say

Portrait Oliver Härting

Paul Kaye, consultant at Rebound Therapy UK

"We had been looking for some time to find a mini trampoline that was suitable for disabled people to use as a complementary activity to their Rebound Therapy programme. Most rebounders on the market have a bounce that is too hard for the clients we work with. We found that the bellicon® with its elastic bungeses and slower, softer bounce is an ideal product for our purposes."

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What customers say


'I am much more flexible'

"I had heard from a friend about the bellicon mini trampoline, and thought that it would be perfect for me. I'm always in pain. I get up with it every day.

I like training on the bellicon® very much and notice that I am more supple, I also run, which has become easier since bouncing on the trampoline. I'm also doing yoga again and it seems like I am more supple."

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What customers say


'Excellent tool to be active at home'.

"It's a great trampoline. I've had it for about 4 years and I use it with various intensity. I just got new bungees on it, which really is no superfluous luxury. They're easy to replace for a reasonable price. You are guaranteed to jump comfortably again. For me, the bellicon is an excellent way to be active at home. Your condition improves, your balance improves, if you're cold you'll be warmed up in no time, my cellulite has strongly decreased, but above all my pleasure has increased. Because I really love bouncing, jumping, or just lying on it. I say do it!"

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Flexibility training on the bellicon


If you’re into yoga or your workout already includes a lot of stretching, try spending 20 minutes on a bellicon® rebounder before your routine. You won’t believe the difference it makes. The gentle bounce cycle relaxes muscles, joints and connecting tissue, making them more supple and less prone to injury. This world-class, low-impact cardiovascular workout is the perfect complement to range of motion stretching, helping to build strength and flexibility. Stiff, sore muscles that cause body aches and pains are gently massaged out.

It is also an effective way to make stiff and painful muscles mobile and flexible again. In combination with stretching and flexibility exercises, training on the bellicon® is an effective way to work on your strength, mobility and health. Overstrained and aching muscles are loosened during jumping and bouncing. Slowly but surely you will notice that you become more mobile and less susceptible to injury!

 improve the elasticity of your CONNECTIVE TISSUE

Use the bellicon® to train your invisible second skin

Connective tissue consists of a large net that protects bones, muscles, organs and nerves and helps to maintain our body shape. Call it a second skin. Connective tissue is not part of the skin layer, but it is connected to muscles, ligaments and tendons at thousands contact points. 

In your body, connective tissue surrounds every muscle group and every muscle individually. As a result, muscles glide over each other without friction. The connective tissue is closely related to the movement of the muscles. Training with the bellicon® mini trampoline improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, muscle tissue and tendons. And the healthier you keep the connective tissue, the better your body will continue to do its work at a later age.

Over the years, it becomes less easy for the connective tissue, muscles and skin to absorb water. We notice this by the loss of elasticity. This can lead  to overuse reactions and injuries. By jumping on the bellicon®, every cell remains in motion. This way you keep the connective tissue flexible because the water in your body continues to flow.

Stay flexible with rebounding
'The bellicon® improves the mobility of your body. Bouncing slows down the ageing and stiffening of body parts.'
Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta, Chiropractic Centre Hannover
Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta

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bellicon stretching with Katherine & Kimberly Corp

bellicon stretching with Katherine & Kimberly Corp

Just Bounce on the bellicon® - balance and low-impact stretching

Just Bounce on the bellicon® - balance and low-impact stretching

Pilates on the bellicon® with Bettina

Pilates on the bellicon® with Bettina


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself:

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