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Pilates exercises on the bellicon rebounder

Have you ever thought about trying Pilates exercises on the bellicon rebounder? Like Yoga, it will add a totally new dimension to your training. Pilates is a form of exercise that helps you to attain the correct posture, core strength and build muscle. Plus, it’s a great way to improve your balance. Add in the bellicon®, and you have a recipe for creating your best posture and alignment at any age.

Other health benefits of Pilates include:

  • Better spine stabilisation
  • Relaxed of your shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased body awareness
  • Relaxation and stress management

Pilates is originally a method of exercise that consist of low-impact flexibility, endurance and muscle movements. And you can do it anywhere! At home, in the garden, in a group class or in the park. 

Most people attend Pilates classes that are mat based. The exercises are performed on the floor and your body weight and gravity provide the necessary resistance. But there is another way that’s even better and we dare say: more fun!

What experts say

Pilates trainer Kerrie-Anne about the bellicon


Pilates trainer Kerrie-Anne

"You don't have to jump that high, but the movement itself is enough. You are challenged to get your balance right, by all kinds of coordination exercises. You can do fantastic exercises on the bellicon to stretch and cool down. Even if you have an injury, you can almost always use the bellicon to recover. " 

Pilates training video

bellicon Home Pilates Workout

This short Pilates workout video is available on the bellicon home platform. The trainer shows you a set of moves to strengthen your core with Pilates exercises on the bellicon.

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Psst - scroll down for a full 20-min Pilates workout

What experts say

Pilates Trainer Tessa about the bellicon


Pilates trainer Tessa

"The bellicon has been a game changer for me personally and professionally; my fitness levels increased greatly. It has been useful for clients recovering from injury or knee/hip surgery. I have several clients who like myself who are unable to run or do cardio-type classes and all have reported much stronger knees. A half hour of good fun moderate intensity cardio is so effective, you get all the benefits of running with none of the down-sides!"

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Pilates on the bellicon®

Like Pilates, the bellicon® is a low-impact exercise method. This is due to our unique bungee suspension. With every landing on the mat, your movement is “buffered” to protect your joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. The result is a smooth and soft, ultra-elastic landing. This offers a plethora of benefits for people with back and neck pain, as well as people suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis.

Pilates on the bellicon® strengthens the push and pull movements you perform during a regular Pilates training. The result? Extra resistance to the muscles and especially the deeper muscles which are so important for a correct posture and an injury free life. The core muscles are really working on the bellicon with every bounce. Since Pilates focuses on the active stabilizing of the core muscles this will be enhanced with the reflex of the eccentric muscle contraction adding an extra benefit to your core training. 

The soft bounce on the bellicon® improves the elasticity of the connective tissue and muscles. This healthy movement ensures supple joints, spine and muscles. It’s time to challenge yourself by using the flexible mat surface to boost your routine.

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Pilates lotus on the bellicon


In this video, Pilat trainer Tessa starts the training by teaching you to keep a correct posture and find your centre of gravity. What follows is a series of stretching exercises.

The series continues with a nice bouncing session to further loosen up those muscles. You will be smiling!

She ends with some more balance and coordination exercises and then your Pilates routine is done!

Pilates on the bellicon® at home

Training at home has never been this popular nor convenient. Exercising on the bellicon® is easy and fun and it activates all your muscles, gets the blood circulation going and pushes toxins out of your system because you effectively activate your lymphatic system. Bouncing on the bellicon® is great way to warm up before your Pilates training and get the circulation flowing before focusing on the core work and static holding movements.

Did you know that you have 656 muscles in your body? All of them are activated by bouncing on the bellicon®. In particular those in your legs, hips, torso and upper body, which in turn helps you to maintain a balanced body.

Challenge yourself with a bellicon Pilates routine while maintaining your balance on the flexible surface of the bellicon® mat. It’s more difficult that you think, but extra rewarding. 

Besides bellicon Pilates at home, it can also be implemented in studios and bounce classes for extra diversity in your training offering!

Start your bellicon Pilates training now
Jogging on the bellicon®

PILATES and balance exercises on the bellicon®

Balance and low-impact training

Balance and low-impact training

Balance and coordination exercises

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon

Balance and stretch exercises

Balance and stretch exercises


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself: