EFFECTIVELY INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH on the bellicon® rebounder!

Our unique, highly elastic bungees maximize the power of gravity

When jumping on the bellicon® mini trampoline you play with weightlessness and gravity. Your muscles react: first by tightening, then by relaxing. This is exactly the movement needed to make them stronger, in a very natural and efficient way. Did you know that there are as many as 656 muscles being activated while rebounding on the bellicon®? That means that your entire body gets a healthy boost from bouncing on the rebounder.

Strength exercises on the bellicon®

20 Minute strength workout

  • The variation of tension and relaxation when bouncing on the bellicon® mini trampoline promotes muscle building
  • The highly elastic suspension makes a smooth workout possible without overloading your joints, even with complaints such as joint disorders or a hernia
  • With the mini trampoline you can dose your workout optimally, with two to three times your body weight per bounce

The bungees and mats of the bellicon® are extremely flexible. As a result, the load is low and even. You feel the difference and see the result. You experience less pressure on your back and joints than with other rebounders, while still training your entire body. That is why the AGR (Action for Healthier Backs) has awarded the bellicon® rebounder models with its seal of approval.

What NASA says

NASA study into rebounding


Better results, less shock load

'While jumping on a trampoline, a maximum of three and a half times the G-forces is possible. This makes moving on a trampoline much more efficient than moving on a treadmill, regardless of the running speed.'

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Training inspiration


Numerous training effects on one device

With plyometric training such as rebounding, your muscles learn a fast, powerful movement. A combination of strength training and plyometric training is the most effective method to improve your jumping ability, your agility, your sprint speed and your motor skills.

What customers say


'My physiotherapist is amazed!'

'I got two knee prostheses and strengthening the muscles with the bellicon has been perfect, I also have a quicker recovery because the muscles are in better condition. My thigh muscles now also feel better than after the operation. 

The physio is amazed and says that I have to take it easy because I'm ahead of protocol ....... but I don't do more than what feels good. Here is a happy lady who will keep bouncing and thus keep the physio / health costs low. I feel very happy and supple!'

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the most effective muscle training: eccentric

The positives of negative training

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Like getting the benefits of both eccentric (negative) and concentric (positive) muscle training.

Negative muscle contractions occur while lengthening them under tension, as in lowering a barbell during a biceps curl. The upward part of the curl is the positive movement, during which the muscles contract.

Eccentric (negative) exercise requires less energy than concentric, which is why you can hold and lower 40% more weight than you can lift. Not only does the increased tension break muscles down and rebuild them more efficiently, but negative loading also makes you less tired than positive. In fact, it can increase your metabolic rate up to nine percent more than concentric exercise and will leave you feeling energized for hours after working out.

On a bellicon® rebounder, you get both types of muscle contractions: positive during your upward motion and negative during the descent. It’s a win-win workout. And since the bellicon® has been designed to reduce impact, it not only prevents overuse injuries but can even help heal them.

Eccentric training image
Plyometric training on the bellicon trampoline


Plyometrics, or jump training, can have a big impact on athletic performance. The most common type of plyometric exercise is jumping on and off a platform, which forces muscles to rapidly contract and extend, increasing their power and shortening their reaction time.

Quick rehabilitation

Olympic athletes were the first to take advantage of the muscular explosiveness plyometrics offered, but everyone else has been quick to start hopping on the bandwagon – and off again. The American Council on Fitness and UK Strength and Conditioning Association both recommend plyometric exercise. It’s can also be helpful for rehabilitation after an injury, especially if you’re returning to a physically demanding job.

While the forces unleashed in intense bursts improve strength, coordination and reaction times, they can also be hard on the body. Thanks to the design of the bellicon®, which eliminates stress and strain on joints and ligaments when jumping, you get all of plyometrics’ help without hurting your body.

effective core training on the bellicon® rebounder

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of core strength these days, and for good reason. When working together, the muscles in your torso, pelvis, hips and back act as a power source for the body - stabilizing and transferring power to the extremities. Which is why a strong core is essential for professional athletes, dancers, martial artists and others whose careers depend on their physical prowess.

But even if you aren’t playing for the World Cup or dancing for the Bolshoi Ballet, you still rely on these muscles every day. If your core is weak, even simple, routine activities can be difficult and exhausting. Your posture is also likely to suffer, making you more susceptible to lower back pain and injury.

The bellicon® rebounder is ideal for core workouts. While bouncing on the pliable surface, your body automatically engages your abdominal, back, side and pelvic muscles in order to maintain your center of gravity. The result is a stronger, better conditioned core. And you’ll be getting the world’s best aerobic workout at the same time, increasing your energy along with your power.

Let the bellicon® help you increase the value of your core and discover how much more you can achieve.

Core workout on the bellicon

‘I can both jump and relax on the bellicon®. However, I can also optimally train my strength on the trampoline.'

Oliver Härting, Health Coach
Expertenstimme Oliver Härting


6 minute powertraining on the bellicon®

6 minute powertraining on the bellicon®

25 minutes bellicon® training for men with Jordan Brown, Sixpax

25 minutes bellicon® training for men with Jordan Brown, Sixpax

Introduction to rebounding exercises

Introduction to rebounding exercises


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself:

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