use the bellicon® rebounder to prepare for the slopes

Great, you are going on a winter holiday adventure! But don't forget to properly prepare yourself. Not every body is prepared to take action in the snow for a week. Tired legs, painful thighs and a stiff back may spoil the pleasure of skiing. The bellicon® rebounder not only prepares you optimally for skiing, it also gets your muscles in shape before you go snowboarding or skiing.

On the slopes without injuries with the bellicon®

On the slopes without injuries with the bellicon®

  • Reduce the risk of injury during winter sports activities by training on the bellicon®


  • The elastic mini trampoline is the ideal warm-up for a week in the snow

  • The challenging endurance training is friendly to the joints thanks to the highly elastic bungees

  • Train your leg, buttocks and core muscles

With the bellicon® mini trampoline you train all muscle groups needed for your winter sports activities. And you don't even have to leave the house. You can just do it at home, in short sessions at your convenience.

10-minute ski training

Ski training on the bellicon®

Want to safely ski through the winter season? With this 10-minute ski training on the bellicon® by health coach Remy Draaijer you train your entire body. Let your muscles get used to it and get warm before you get on the slopes with these effective exercises.

What customers say


'My endurance has increased'

"Last year I had regular cramps in my calves during jogging. Now that I have a bellicon mini trampoline this complaint has completely disappeared. I jump in the morning and evening for 15-20 minutes and immediately noticed the results. My condition has improved by leaps and bounds and my legs are much stronger."

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What experts say

Pianta chiropractor


Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta, Chiropractic Center Hannover

"In my opinion, the bellicon® mini trampoline is the best device for effective endurance training. With the bellicon® you avoid the negative effects of the shock load that always occur during walking and jogging."

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HOW to prepare yourself for WINTER SPORTS activities

With the bellicon® rebounder you are perfectly prepared for your next skiing holiday. The highly elastic bungees of the mini trampoline allow you to optimally simulate all typical movements: cross-country skiing, skiing, snowboarding, buckling or waddling - everything is possible and fun even in the living room. You train all the important muscle groups for skiing, coordination and balance. This way you are fit and prepared for the slopes.

It is best to start training six to eight weeks before your holiday and to do this two to three times a week. Ski training on the bellicon® is suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Ski training with Remy

how to prevent injuries in the snow

In 2017 alone, more than 220,000 people were treated at hospitals, doctors' offices, and emergency rooms for injuries related to winter sports. About 10,000 Brits are treated for ski-related injuries every year. In more than 90% of cases, these are one-sided accidents. Most of the cases concerns the knees. Then come shoulder and upper arm injuries. Lower leg, ankle and foot injuries also occur frequently. At the end of the day, most accidents happen on the mountain, which often leads to knee and shoulder injuries. Due to the high load, lack of oxygen and cold, the muscles get tired and cooled down. The risk of injury increases.

How can you reduce the risks and prevent injuries? To do this, you should start the preparation well in advance of the planned skiing holiday. It is important to train balance, strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. With the versatile bellicon® mini trampoline you can train everything at once. Thanks to the unique elastic bungees and the high-quality mat, the highly elastic mini trampoline prepares you for the unusual movements on the mountains. This way you can ski through the skiing season without injuries!

Ski exercise

'Moving on the bellicon® feels like running in deep snow. You effectively train the thigh and gluteal muscles for cross-country skiing.'

Sue, ski enthusiast
Ski training and preparation

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Ski preparation exercises on the bellicon®

High Intensity and coordination workout

High Intensity and coordination workout

10 min. Skitraining with Remy

10 min. Skitraining with Remy

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself:

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