versatile training on the bellicon® rebounder

Whether you are playing tennis for fun or at a high level, you can do great all-round trainings on the bellicon® rebounder. The flexible mat promotes your tennis posture and you can also train typical strokes. This makes the bellicon® mini trampoline your ideal training partner!

  • The highly elastic trampoline is the ideal complement to the tennis training

  • You are more aware of your body. As a result, you can better distribute the energy from the feet to the upper body and improve your strength

  • The bellicon® intensifies familiar movement patterns

  • The gentle bouncing and swinging movements reduce tension and promote relaxation and recovery

  • Whether you play as a professional or an amateur, crosstraining in tennis can keep you injury free and improve your game

What experts say

Triathlete and physiotherapist Laura Philipp


Triathlete and physiotherapist Laura Philipp

"To spare my body, I was looking for a training variant that is friendly to my joints and fun to do. This is how I came across the bellicon® trampoline. I can do walking exercises on the trampoline and relax my body at the same time."

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Tennis preparation bellicon

Blog: Why you should to core stability exercises

The Mayo Clinic wrote a great piece stressing the importance of core strength and how to exercise them! You can read their piece called, “Core exercises: Why you should strengthen your core muscles”.

Psst - did you know the bellicon builds and strengthens your core? 

What customers say

T. Austin

'Best workout for balance and cardio''

"My husband and I were looking for a home workout that would help us with our tennis conditioning. I'm happy to report this is the perfect workout for balance and's helping my plantar fasciitis too! bellicon is definitely the best rebounder on the market!!! 5 Stars!!!!!"

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Table tennis is a game of coordination. It is a sport of fast movements and powerful strokes. The most important muscle groups in table tennis are the back, stomach and leg muscles. The bellicon® is an optimal alternative training for table tennis players. The soft suspension of the mini trampoline allows the typical movement patterns to be perfected. The footwork can also be trained in a playful way, without an opponent.

Two factors are particularly important in table tennis: a strong lower body for energy production and a flexible upper body to transmit that energy. The stronger and more flexible your muscles, the faster you can react to any situation.  With the bellicon® you train both areas effectively.

A well-developed sense of balance is beneficial in different game situations, such as sudden changes in movement. With the bellicon® you train your body to quickly change position and yet remain in balance.

Tennis training Andreas Sperber

'In terms of successfully training stability and stamina there is no better training device than the bellicon® to improve the leg strength you need for tennis.'

Patrik Kühnen, former captain German Davis Cupteam

Patrik Kühnen

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great cardio workouts on the bellicon®

bellicon Home HIIT with Fayth Caruso

bellicon Home HIIT with Fayth Caruso

25 minute bellicon workout with Jordan Brown, Sixpax

25 minute bellicon workout with Jordan Brown, Sixpax

bellicon 25 minute advanced workout

bellicon 25 minute advanced workout


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself:

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