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Yoga exercises at home on the bellicon® rebounder

Training at home has never been this popular nor convenient.  Whether you’re doing Yoga exercises via Zoom or HIIT exercises with your bodyweight, home training is booming. There are countless of ways of staying active. Have you tried exercising on the bellicon rebounder yet? Is easy and fun and it activates all your muscles, gets the blood circulation going and pushes toxins out of your system because you effectively activate your lymphatic system.

What else do you need? Well, how about some extra flexibility while you’re at it? Add some fun and extra depth to your Yoga training at home by using the bellicon. Challenge yourself and carry out your Yoga poses while maintaining your balance on the flexible surface of the bellicon mat. It’s more difficult that you think, but extra rewarding.

Did you know that you have 656 muscles in your body? All of them are activated by bouncing on the bellicon. In particular those in your legs, hips, torso and upper body, which in turn helps you to maintain a balanced body.

What experts say

Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila about the gentle bounce of the bellicon


Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila

"Rebounding on the bellicon® is a wonderful, reinvented way of physical activity that is fun, effective and brings a plethora of health benefits. The jumping action on the sprung base of the bellicon® provides the gentlest impact effect on the joints and consequently the least compression damage. In addition, because of the relative unstable base, rebounding improves balance, equilibrium and posture by activating the proprioception system that control the orientation and positioning of the body in space."

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bellicon Home Yoga

bellicon Home Yoga Workouts

Did you know that the bellicon Home platform has 400+ video workouts which you can tailor to your needs? There are also many Yoga classes available like the one above. Have a look on our video platform and explore to get in the best shape of your life!

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What customers say


'My balance is better'

"This is a great trampoline! I've been doing it for half a year now, 2x a week half an hour of practice. It makes you happy. You don't have to jump that high, but the movement itself is enough. You are challenged to get your balance right, by all kinds of coordination exercises. I also run and do yoga and you can do fantastic exercises on the bellicon to stretch and cool down. Even if you have an injury, you can almost always use the bellicon to recover. My husband has started using it now and with enthusiasm. We use YouTube on the TV to practice while listening to music." 

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Yoga exercises on the bellicon®

The soft bounce on the bellicon® improves the elasticity of the connective tissue and muscles. This healthy movement ensures supple joints, spine and muscles, which is important for injury prevention.

Especially with Yoga it’s important to do the postures without straining yourself and to prevent injury. Combine your Yoga routine with bouncing on the bellicon®. Alleviate tense muscles. Challenge yourself by using the flexible mat surface to boost your routine.

Let’s start, shall we?

You start by making sure you keep a correct posture. Once you stand, challenge your balance by closing your eyes and find your inner centre of gravity. This is a great way to focus and to come to yourself. What follows are a series of stretching routines with a focus on your breath.

Warming up
A gentle warm-up on a bellicon® not only loosens muscles, joints, and cartilage, but also lubricates discs and vertebrae - giving you a wider range of motion. Which comes in handy for the next steps in your bellicon Yoga class!

Start your bellicon Yoga training now
Yoga training on the bellicon mini trampoline

stretching and balance

stretching on the bellicon®

Soften and stretch your muscles and let your energy flow. 

Try a bow pose on the mat, great to stretch your (lower) back, shoulders and hips. This stretch is challenging, but it’s great to soften your back muscles.

What about the wheel pose? Use the frame to rest your hands and feet on and arch! This one is great in supporting spine flexibility.

At first, you might find it difficult to keep your balance on the bellicon, especially when doing yoga poses, but the learning curve is exponential. You will get better every day! 

Training on the bellicon rebounder will improve your balance, no matter how flexible you are! With the bellicon you train all your muscles, ligaments, senses and reflexes that help you improve your stability and strength. Your body keeps itself in balance and most of the effects takes place unconsciously in your body.

Try the cat cow pose on the bellicon to get you started. It’s a great way to warm the body and bring flexibility to the spine. Stretch your neck and back and make use of the flexible surface of the bellicon.

Ready to level up? Do the superman pose. Support one arm on the frame and rest the opposite knee and lower part of the leg on the mat. Lift the other arm and leg and feel what happens!

A note on breathing
With Yoga, it’s important that you watch your breath work. The rhythm of your bounces can help you with this. Journey inward and feel the bounces, try to keep your balance while you focus on your breathing, in and out. Focus on the muscles you’re using, locate them and breathe.

yoga strength training

Ready to pull some strength? Do the downward facing dog pose using the frame. A great pose to energise all the muscles in your body. 

Try planking with your feet on the floor and your arms resting on the mat. Feel the burn!

End with the most challenging of all: the boat pose on the mat. This will challenge even the most accomplished Yogis out there.

Cooling down
Softly bounce on the bellicon® to release tension and energy and flush those toxins out. End your bellicon Yoga routine like any Yoga routine. Lie on your back and feel the energy flow. Grab your knees and softly pull them towards your belly. Breathe.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water after you’ve finished!

Improve the elasticity of your connective tissue using the bellicon®

Improve elasticity of the connective tissue

Use the bellicon® to train your invisible second skin: the connective tissue. Connective tissue consists of a large net that protects bones, muscles, organs and nerves and helps to maintain our body shape.

In your body, connective tissue surrounds every muscle group and every muscle individually. As a result, muscles glide over each other without friction. The connective tissue is closely related to the movement of the muscles. Training on the bellicon® rebounder improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, muscle tissue and tendons. And the healthier you keep the connective tissue, the better your body will be able to do those Yoga and stretching exercises.

Over the years, it becomes less easy for the connective tissue, muscles and skin to absorb water. We notice this by the loss of elasticity. This can lead to overuse reactions and injuries. By jumping on the bellicon®, every cell remains in motion. This way you keep the connective tissue flexible and it will continue to do its work at a later age.

start now with yoga on the bellicon® at home!

The gentle bounce cycle on the bellicon relaxes muscles, joints and connecting tissue, making them more supple and less prone to injury. Perfect to warm up for your Yoga class, but also to strike some poses using the bellicon to your advantage!

Any Yoga practice should always include: strengthening and relaxing movements, breath work and the «inner journey». This can be perfectly achieved with the bellicon as addition to your daily yoga practice.

This world-class, low-impact cardiovascular workout is the perfect complement to range of motion stretching, helping to build strength and flexibility. Stiff, sore muscles that cause body aches and pains are gently massaged out. Ready to go and become more flexible?

Start your bellicon Yoga training now
bellicon Yoga at home

yoga and stretching exercises on the bellicon®

Stretching exercises on the bellicon

Stretching exercises on the bellicon

Balance and stretching exercises

Balance and stretching exercises

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon

Balance and coordination exercises on the bellicon


Wouldn't it be great if exercising is no longer "dreadful" but simply fun? Discover the bellicon® for yourself: