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  • Strengthen your deep-lying muscles – build up and strengthen muscles with efficient training

  • Lively "muscle massage" – for healthy hydration of the intervertebral discs and against tension

  • Full-body training – exercises that are gentle on the back, targeting the whole body

  • Pain relief – gentle movement eases your discomfort and improves your overall posture at the same time

  • Fit from home – simple and time-saving training for your back from the comfort of your home as a pleasant change from long periods of sitting

back training with the bellicon®
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Strengthen your back specifically with the bellicon® mini trampoline

Physical pain can paralyse us and limit our mobility. We then often behave passively for fear of worsening our state of health and to protect our backs. But this is exactly what can make the pain get worse and worse. Regular exercise with balanced muscle training permeates the intervertebral discsstrengthens the back in the long term and has a positive effect on stress.

Relieve tension with the trampoline

The bellicon® mini trampoline is your ideal training companion for gentle initial training. It strengthens the muscles, can relieve pain and gently gets you and your back going again. The interaction of tensing and relaxing while bouncing activates and trains all the muscles. In addition, the intervertebral discs are supplied with fluid and nutrients and muscle tension can be loosened.

Little effort – big effect! Training on a bellicon® goes easy on the back and joints due to harmonic bouncing, and even short training sessions are very effective. Since training on the bellicon® is all encompassing, you will achieve the following through regular training sessions:

  • You will build up muscle

  • Your intervertebral discs will be nourished

  • Your tendons, ligaments and fasciae will be loosened

  • You will prevent tension


Allow yourself time for regular back exercises

back training in home office

The causes of back pain can be very diverse. The pain can often be attributed to a lack of exercise or unhealthy posture, such as sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Everyday movement patterns can lead to muscular imbalances, which manifest themselves in muscle tension or pain. In addition to poor posture and lack of exercise, psychological strain and stress are common reasons for back problems.

Being proactive is the key to success here. Improvement can only be achieved through regular training sessions. A comprehensive exercise programme increases your chances of getting rid of back pain in the long term. You can strengthen your core muscles, mobilise your fasciae and stretch shortened muscles efficiently in little time. Add simple exercises to your everyday routine and allow yourself short but targeted exercise breaks. It doesn't always have to be sweaty training; easy relaxation exercises also help loosen up stiff muscles and relieve pain.


Customer testimonial back pain bellicon®


The lower back problems are gone

"After a lumbago more than 5 years ago, on my doctor's advice, we started bouncing on a trampoline. He explained to me how to use it to train the smallest muscles directly on the spine.

After a cheap trampoline and the Trimilin, we tried the bellicon® and WOW – what an effect: it strengthens the whole body, but above all, my lower back problems have vanished. And by the way, we really keep our weight down with it. ..."

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bellicon® Classic

How does the mini trampoline help the back muscles?

Your back is taken care of by bouncing and jumping on the trampoline and training at the same time – that's great. This is what researchers from the University of Ghent found out. Their study looks at the effects of jumping on muscle activity on subjects. The results show that even light bouncing relieves the spine and, at the same time, strengthens the (lower) deep back muscles enormously. In addition, training on the mini trampoline is significantly less dangerous to use than other forms of exercise and training.


More momentum in everyday life with bellicon

back training with the bellicon®

Static sitting positions are often part of our everyday working lives. Sitting for long periods of time has a negative impact on back health and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the home office in particular, it is important to incorporate active breaks in everyday working life, as the workplace at home is often not ergonomically optimised.

During long periods of sitting, we unconsciously adopt an unhealthy posture in which the pelvis tilts, we get a rounded back and our shoulders fall forward. This sitting position allows for certain muscles such as the hip flexor (Iliopsoas muscle) or the chest muscles to shorten. Experts, therefore, recommend that we change our sitting position or briefly move around the room every 20 minutes in order to stimulate our metabolism and relieve the intervertebral discs.

Standing work (e.g., at a standing desk) is, unfortunately, not enough to completely avoid the problem of static posture. Dynamic standing is more sensible and efficient: an active pause in movement with loose bouncing on the bellicon® activates the muscles, and the intervertebral discs are supplied with new nutrients through the pressure and tensile loads. Even the smallest exercise breaks of less than a minute result in noticeable effects: simply bouncing up and down on the mini trampoline is enough to break the static posture, relieve the back and get all your body cells going. So get up off your chair and get on the mat!


Bounce and make your back fit – with little effort and comfortably from your own home. Even simple exercises can strengthen your back, prevent bad posture and relieve tension. The motivating team of trainers on our bellicon Home online video platform will be happy to assist you.

Training tips for a strong back:

  • Make sure your posture is optimal for the best possible effect

  • Activate your core muscles throughout the training session. Important: no cramps, just light activation!

  • Always step backwards when getting off the bellicon®, so you step onto the hard ground without straining your back

  • Only regular training will keep your back fit in the long term – add several short breaks to your everyday routine


Gentle back training tested by AGR

AGR quality seal

Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. is a non-profit association that awards a seal of approval to products that are particularly gentle on the back based on strict test criteria. The bellicon® was able to convince medical and therapeutic experts due to the unique bungee suspension and was the only mini trampoline that received the award. Back training on the bellicon® is proven to be effective and, at the same time, gentle on the back muscles, intervertebral discs and spine.


Relieving back pain with the right bellicon®

For back problems, we recommend the softest possible bungees that are suitable for your bodyweight. The elastic bouncing of our patented bungee technology enables trampoline training that is friendly for the back and joints.

The core muscles can also be built up very effectively on the bellicon® while exercising lying down. Lying exercises performed on the soft jumping mat provide an additional training stimulus and require coordination. For as much space as possible, we recommend the bellicon ® Classic with a diameter of 125 cm and a comfort jumping mat. The padded edge of the comfort mat makes it particularly comfortable and increases the training area.

Action for Healthier Backs

Logo van het keurmerk AGR (Actie voor een gezonde rug) met een meneer die gezond op de bellicon zijn rug aan het trainen is

AGR recommends the bellicon® for back pain

Independent experts have awarded the AGR seal of approval to the bellicon® rebounder. The reason: the efficient and gentle training on the bellicon® that has many positive effects on the back.

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For back pain relief, get moving

Harvard Medical School hosts a great site for people searching for all kinds of health-related information. It includes a lot well-written, non-academic material covering a wide range of topics. Of course, it being Harvard, you can also find a great many research papers and postings for doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals.

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What customers say


'I enjoy using the bellicon!'

'Exercising on the bellicon gives me a lot of pleasure! I have noticed that you have to build it up slowly in the beginning. Now I have less back problems and my condition has improved. That is why I recommend the bellicon for people with back problems or lymph problems. With the bellicon you can move more in a fun way. I use the bellicon almost daily!'

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Training on the bellicon® is effective and gentle at the same time. With positive effect on the back muscles, the spine and the intervertebral discs. There's a reason the bellicon® is approved by the Action for Healthier Backs (AGR).
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes
AGR seal of approval for back friendly training on the bellicon

new: bellicon payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest free monthly instalments

Fulfill your wish for a bellicon® mini trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3x instalments in our online shop.

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